Aww, love at its peak! The ‘Beyonce & Jay Z’ video everyone is talking about….

Remember when Jay Z and Beyonce
used to hide every aspect of their relationship, now, the couple  are as open as 7-Eleven. 

Last weekend,  while rounding off their successful “On the Run” tour, the couple presented a video,  which opened the door halfway for us to get a peek into their super-private lives. And it was beautiful!
With a mash-up of Jay’s “Forever Young” and Bey’s “Halo” serving as fitting
background music, the musical pair shared unseen footage of their 10
years together, including video of their intimate 2008 wedding and shots
of Bey’s bare baby bump. (Case closed!)

As always, Blue Ivy stole the show! The Carters revealed clips of
baby Blue learning how to walk, swimming with her superstar mom, helping
her famous dad do push-ups, and celebrating her very first birthday.

You can watch video HERE or below:

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