Aww, Dele Momodu reveals how his wifey treats him like a baby :)

Hello ladies, you might learn a thing or two from this interview 🙂

Ovation International boss, Dele Momodu recently revealed the secret of
his long lasting marriage and it’s all his wifey that has kept the fire burning. Read his explanation below:
I have been very fortunate to have been married to someone who has
been a mother to five boys. All our children are boys; we have four of
them and I am the fifth child of my wife! She has learnt to carry me as
her fifth baby. No matter how old a man is, we always act like babies.
So, I am lucky she has been able to understand me and know that you
cannot throw your baby away. 

That is actually the spirit of marriage; husband and wife must live as
if the husband is the baby, though you are supposed to be the head of
the house, you are still her baby. Women know what we do not know as husbands. They understand what we do
not understand and because most of the time, they are at home, they see
more of everything and know the children better than the husband does. 

The women carried the children in the womb so they know more. And then
we have learnt to tolerate each other. We have also leant to be wary of
what other people say to us about us, the busy-bodies who come around to
tell the wife or the husband what the other is doing. I, for instance, I
ask for their motive, what do they stand to gain by telling me things?
So, we have gone through our own turbulence, but God has always been
there for us. As for celebrity marriages, I will advise celebrities to
be more tolerant of each other as couples. More importantly, celebrity couples should learn to respect one another.

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