Aww! Billionaire wife Caroline Danjuma marks daughter’s birthday with the sweetest words

Yesterday, Billionaire wife and actress Caroline Danjuma celebrated her daughter’s birthday with the beautiful words.

Read what she wrote below:

Every time I look at you , you take my breath away… Through you I knew
what courage meant , through you I knew what true love felt like ,
through you I knew that miracles truly exist, through you I realised God
was watching over me, you came when I truly needed you the most, like a
special gift you were given to me as an assurance of his continual love
for me,, I cried when I got the good news.. I still
can’t believe you are mine, everyone that has had the opportunity of
meeting you or spending a moment with you , automatically falls in love
with u, your smile could light up the universe , always happy and
cheerful . thank you my sunshine for coming into my world , thank you
for choosing me to be your mum, thank you for your smiles , kisses and
little huggs… Even if I had nothing in this world having u is more
than enough for me… I am so blessed to have you .. Happy birthday my
darling . mummy luvs u always and as long as I live I will always
protect u.”

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