Aww, beautiful Nigerian couple who met on BBM get married (Photos)

This cute couple met on BBM, fell in love and today they are husband and wife.

See more pictures below and also read their interesting love story.

Ayo happily told DeeDee about how he met his heartthrob:
We met through a friend who was Wunmi’s bunk mate in the University.

I saw her picture on her DP and requested for her details. (Sharp Guy)That was how we started talking.

Then we met in person after two months of non-stop calls and chats and the rest was history!

Guys will always have a first impression, and as you know first impression lasts longer. Ayo beaming with all smiles said:

We have been talking and I have had so much respect for her personality
so when we finally met, I couldn’t but stop admiring her level of
intelligence and amazed by her simplicity, elegance and charisma.

We had a long conversation and it felt like I had known her for years.

Wunmi also confirmed same qualities in her man when she said:
I was attracted by his smartness, love for God, maturity, leadership
skills, ability to mentor, confidence. He knew what he wanted and he
definitely came after it with strength.

Wunmi also spoke on why she said ‘Yes’ when Ayo asked her out:

He asked me out 4 months after we met. Feb 1st 2015 and I said yes
because I knew I wanted him to spend the rest of my life with me. I
didn’t want to spend a day pretending he doesn’t mean so much to me when
he does. I had also prayed about it and was convinced he was the one
for me.

Of course, it is never rosy and there would be issues in the relationship and the couple did not mince words in explain that:

Yes, there were issues but we have a lot of respect for each other’s ‘sometimes’ varying opinions on issues so we talk.

Our communication became so strong that it has helped us understand each
other better and that helps us deal with issues the right way.

Ayo happily talked about what excites him about his woman when he said:

Her charisma and character excites me. She has a large heart and she is fun to be with. She helps me grow and think better.

She is my best half, everything about her complements me and she
completes me in every way. In short, everything about Omowumi excites

This is a case of Love Wantintin

Wunmi was particular about Ayomide’s passion for soccer:

His smile and the fact that he is sensitive to me and my needs. He does
not joke with me. He tutors me and scolds me and then still apologizes
for doing so. Everything about AYO excites me. His look when he is
watching football and his team is winning or when he is playing Play

Ayo did not wait too long before popping the marriage question:
After our first one-one-one meeting on 28th December 2014, I have
intensified prayers and the more I pray the more I have peace in my
heart with her and my conviction grew stronger.

A month later we met in Ilorin and attended church service together,
behold all the conviction from the message from the officiating pastor. I
didn’t need to wait any further, I proposed to her.

We dated for 21 months. Started on 1st February 2015 and got married on 5th November 2016.

In addition to what Ayo said, Wunmi also chipped her part in:
My husband is the only man I know who proposed thrice
August 28th 2015- he proposed in his house with a bible
October 14th 2015 – he proposed with a ring after one of our outings in Benin
December 28th 2015 he proposed on our introduction.

I love him, I had prayed and I was convinced, he makes me happy, he is
true to every word he had spoken to me. I wanted to spend the rest of my
life being celebrated. He celebrates me a lot.

The couple also talked about their definition of love:

Love is a gift from God. It is the greatest gift for humanity. Love is a
choice of commitment demonstrated in your willingness and readiness to
give your all and everything to make the other person better, safer and

On their advise for ongoing relationship and lovebirds?
Commit your ways to God and He will direct your path. It is important to
make God the centre of your relationship, that’s when you can share
true love for each other. Also, continue to work on ways to improve your
understanding of love and communication. A way to do that is to read
books and attend seminars.

Happy married life, Ayo and Wunmi!

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