Avala – Mo Fe Be

download mp3 Avala - Mo Fe Be mp3 download

Download Avala – Mo Fe Be Mp3

Since leaving the BBNaija house, Avala (which signifies “warrior” in Old Sanskrit) has been working diligently, teaming up on undertakings, showing up, organizing and collaborating with her quickly developing worldwide audience.

download mp3 Avala - Mo Fe Be mp3 download
Avala – Mo Fe Be

These new encounters have formed the timid, calm young lady that was Avala into the crisp, attractive, flourishing afro-house artiste that is Avala today, and she channels that vitality into her new single “MO FE BE‘” a Yoruba expression that makes an interpretation of in English to “I WANT IT LIKE THAT.”

The track catches her enthusiastic and imaginative development as she grapples with the way that the person she’s infatuated with probably won’t be immaculate and is in-certainty extremely imperfect.

By the by, she affirms her adoration for him regardless of the alleged better judgment of people around her.

The messages the tune passes on remind audience members that adoration isn’t immaculate however that when it’s justified, despite all the trouble, we shouldn’t surrender so effectively when times get unpleasant.

MO FE BE is a high-rhythm, afrobeat and house blend that will get your vitality and emotions up and out on the move floor.

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