The shocking things people of attacked Plateau villages told a journalist

A journalist,  Lawunna Timothy Yilwada, who visited and interviewed survivors of the attacks by Fulani herdsmen, which saw the death of over 100 people and the burning of 50 house in Plateau state, has revealed the shocking things they told him.

According to his words, the people spoke of how the killers were people who lived among them and even engaged in fun activities with them. However, after playing football with the people of one of the villages during the day, the killers became terrorists at night and attacked the villagers.

Read the journalist’s words below.

We were interviewing injured victims of these attacks, and what they told us turned my stomach. Tears flowed from my heart, as I see kids with wounds bored with bullets, I saw a six-month old baby girl wounded by sparks of gunshots when her mum was running with her. I saw many unconscious children who will wake up as orphans, first time in my life I saw a wound bore by bullets.

Funny enough the boys we met there told us how they lived with these herdsmen, they lived peacefully until the attack, even on the day of the attack they played football and jolly together but Lo in the evening they become terrorists and bandits, because they don’t just kill them, they also “steal” their properties.

In some communities it’s quiet different, the herders who stay there don’t attack but the show where and whom attack.

Also in some communities the Muslims there gave shelter to people who escaped and lied to the hired mercenaries in defense of the indegenes whom the hid in the mosque.

You see this issue is made up of many factors and understanding them will aid us to know what to do, what MYETTI ALLAH is saying is a big fat lie.

what the herders are doing is pure bandits activities and the Uthman Dan fodio course, history has and history will have it that they will fail.

The shocking things people of attacked Plateau villages told a journalist

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