Another Message of the day from Mike-Bamiloye’s second son


So, Joshua the second son of Nigeria’s topmost Gospel movie producer, Mike Bamiloye runs  some series on his instagram page (HERE) where he shares motivational and Biblical messages. We brought you one (HERE) the other day, now we bring you another on Gossip and Backbiting. Read piece below:

In Nigeria we say “amebo” “olofofo” etc.
I’ve discovered that its even more prevalent amongst we Christians and
church folks. You disagree? Ok, Let me give you just one example.
“prayer partners” meet to pray… “Sister Florish, we need to pray for
bro Jeremiah o,coz yesterday, I saw him gisting and laughing with sister
Glory for hours behind the church premises and that’s how he does to
two other sisters…” Sister Flourish replies. “Hmn… Let us also pray
for that sis Glory too, I’ve been seeing her winking at the youth pastor
during prayers…”
So in the name of “prayer meeting” they gossip about everyone.
if we have all our personal problems solved already… If you have a
grudge against a fellow brother or sister, approach them and settle it.

If you notice something wrong about them, tell them. It’s better to watch
one another’s backs than to “bite” them! That’s the Jesus Love.

James 4:11-12 says the rest.


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