All You have wanted to Know about #LoveIs

A creative tsunami is coming to Lagos, Nigeria this November, and you want to be a part of it.
has been confirmed that #Love is…The Musical would be on stage in its
full form this month, and it is promising not to fit in, or maintain
status quo, rather, it is set to fit people in.


IS…The Musical which has been staged in its abridged forms in the last 4
years, would for the first time be performed in its full form this
November in Lagos. The unabridged version of the stage production will
display the most spectacular and exclusive of performances.
say its success in the last 4 years would be heightened this year, and
sources close to the production team believe that this year’s
performance would bring a whole new meaning to stage production.
one-of-a-kind stage production will combine an eclectic mix of music,
choreography, visual art, short film and spoken word to tell the story
of 3 ladies; a passion-filled poet, a professional dancer and a business
woman in search of love.
are already indications that the organisers have made efforts to make
sure that this year’s experience is one that would remain the talk of
the town for a long, long time.
some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including,
songstress Yinka Davies, sultry voice singer, Timi Dakolo and Nigeria’s
King of Comedy, Ali Baba, well-known Spoken-Word Poet, Efe Paul-Azino
and Donna the Poet as well as the dance maestro Ijodee performing in the
five art forms stage production, the bumper-packed show promises no
boredom, as it is structured to have no pause from the beginning to the
on the event, Creator and Director of #LOVE IS, Ice Nweke said that,
“We are trying to bring the package as I had conceived it, and this is
as exciting for me as we believe it would be for the audience.”
Go along, get some affection, you know #LoveIs…
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