All the money in her account was withdrawn | Female Teacher narrates how she was attacked by robbers

A primary school teacher, Evi Iwaha (pictured above), has narrated how
some robbers attacked her, took her ATM card and went ahead to clear her
account in the early hours of Saturday January 30th.
Her words:
“It happened a few minutes to 6.00am; I’d boarded a bus supposedly to
Oshodi from Obanikoro. No sooner had the bus moved than they sprang into
action. The first thing they did was grab my phone; ‘What do you do?
Where are you coming from?’one of them asked me. 

“I was hopeful that they’d take pity on me, having told them I was just a primary school teacher…
bother to ask if it meant nothing to them? After rummaging through my
wallet, they found two ATM cards and some cash. The question that
followed hit me with a bang. ‘What’s your pin number?’ Instinctively, I hesitated for a while, but a resounding slap on my face soon got me spilling it out.
These guys were actually going to do the unimaginable. They were going
to clear my account. To think that I was about experiencing stories that
had seemed far away… 
Speaking further, she told The Nation: “I looked up in time to see
another member of the gang, sitting in the front seat. They called him
officer. I don’t know if he was some military officer or if the name was
just a code name. Even though I was still
a little dazed from the slap, I couldn’t but notice the gun that hung
loosely in the man’s hand, as he spoke to his colleague. He
quickly handed the ATM cards to another member who played the role of a
bus conductor. The driver slowed down at my inquisitor’s command, and
the bus conductor jumped off the bus on his way to emptying my
“I silently wished I had payed the money
into my friend’s account, he had asked me to do so to avoid spending it,
since I’m saving towards paying my rent. Meanwhile, while we
awaited the arrival of the messenger, the bus kept going round and
round. In the process, the two women I met on the bus were told to
disembark, and two others, a guy and his girlfriend were picked up at
the next stop. They were lucky, as they didn’t have any ATM card on
them. They were ripped of their phones and the only one thousand Naira
note the guy had on him
. They had also searched the lady who came on at the same time as I did. 

“Obviously they didn’t get much from her. I was their sacrificial lamb.
Soon my phone beeped – an indication that the money had been withdrawn.
Then they drove back to the spot where they had dropped off the bus
conductor, picked him up and drove off. By all means, it was a smooth
operation, and we were home-bound now. 
“I silently prayed that they dropped me off at a safe place. All along, I
didn’t know where we were because I had been sitting on the floor of
the bus. Suddenly, the bus pulled to a stop and we were all told to
alight. I discovered that they had dropped us at the toll-gate. My
inquisitor who had promised to give me transport money to take me home
had either forgotten or couldn’t care less. They zoomed off as soon as
we were all out of the bus. 
“I stood there thinking of how to get to my place in Gbagada, until one
good Nigerian who happened to be passing by came to my rescue by giving
me N100, my exact fare home.”

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