After 20 years of barrenness, Nigerian couple welcome a set of quadruplets

After 20 years of barrenness, Mr and Mrs Ibikunle Ajala, based in Ibadan are now joyful parents of quadruplets.

The nation reports that an elated Mr Ajala said his joy knew no bounds seeing that he suddenly became a father of four. He said God was so good to them for delivering four children at a time to make up for the past 20 years of waiting.
“It is good to wait for God’s time. I must confess it has not been a rosy journey but we thank God for the grace to wait. Waiting is not the biggest issue, it is what one does at the time of waiting,” he said.
Mrs Sarah Ajala gave birth at a private hospital in Ibadan last Friday. She grinned from ear to ear as she welcomed well-wishers to her hospital room.
The couple got married in December 1997 and has since stayed closely knitted together since then.
Indeed, there is nothing too hard for God. Halleluyah

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