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Adekunle Gold defends Simi after her near disastrous live concert

Like a knight in shining armour, Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold has stepped up to defend his own, Simi, whose live concert in Lagos yesterday was almost marred by her inability to kick off the show on schedule.

Guests had gathered at the Balmoral Convention Centre at Federal Palace Hotel for the event which was announced to kick off at 6 pm. But by 9 pm, Simi was a no-show, leaving fans disgruntled as they were left stranded at the venue with soundcheck reportedly being conducted at quarter to nine.

Simi eventually took the stage at about 10:30 pm, tendering an unreserved apology, and of course, delivering a superb performance.

But that didn’t stop fans who called out the singer for her failure to keep to time with many expressing their disappointment and calling her unprofessional.

But Adekunle Gold took to his Instagram to encourage and defend Simi over the incident, saying; ‘truth is, things happen sometimes that the public don’t see’. Adekunle also narrated his own experience where he was already around for his concert last year but the stage light had blown just before the show started.

He ended by saying that he and other Simi fans were convinced she was sorry for what happened and accepted her apology.

See his post below:

Last year an hour before I hit the stage, I was informed that some of the most important stage lights blew out. I sat down in my car backstage reading unkind tweets of irate bloggers and people about how late I was. It was demoralizing and painful because we were ready and I was there. The truth is, things happen sometimes that the public don’t see. Know this, we your true fans know you were sorry. And before the clouds of those reviews set in, I would like to cover you in Joy and celebration. You were beautiful, electrifying and incredible tonight my darling. I am so proud of you. Thank you for letting me share that stage with you. It will always be my honour. Forever in your army fighting for you. AG #simiarmystandup.

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