Baby Zoe’s miraculous story after being abandoned at an uncompleted building

Mallam Mohammed Dogo secured an uncompleted building, somewhere in Oshodi 7 months ago, and one morning they woke up to the wailing of a child. Mallam Dogo’s wife quickly ran around the building searching for the crying baby, she found Zoe on the floor, at the gate wailing.

“The baby I saw was small like a rat. I didn’t know wether to carry her or cover her. She was naked and mosquitoes had severely bitten her” Says Mallam Dogo’s wife told Diary of a Naija Girl.

After giving her water and wrapping Zoe in a wrapper, Mallam Dogo and his wife took Zoe to a police station, the police then directed them to the closest orphanage. The orphanage quickly transported Zoe to the Hospital where they were told she had only a 20 percent chance of surviving. Zoe was in the incubator for 2 months

Doctors agreed that Zoe is a strong girl because when they had given up on her, she fought hard to stay alive

Today, Zoe is a healthy and happy 7 months old


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