A True Love Story: The Mentor, the mentee and the Bible study sessions! – Abisola and Phillip

There are many reasons why I love you and have decided to spend the rest of my life with you…
are a lover of God. I have always wanted someone just like you; one
with whom I could share my faith, one who shared my values and inspired
me to keep God first.

Bisola and Olabisi Phillip are our couple of the week.

They are both lovers of God and what’s even more beautiful about them is the way they cherish each other.

Phillip and Bisola met in the Varsity several years ago when they were both jambites.

The beginning…jambites!

For Phillip, it was a love at first sight encounter but he had to take his time to woo Bisola.

They first met at the Redeemers’ Univeristy Chapel during a Workers’ in training programme.

…we started from here

“I love you so much that my heart
has no room for anything more. With every
breath, with every heartbeat, I cherish you. Nothing matters more. I am grateful for you in my life.”

When Phillip saw her, he lost his breath, he was encapsulated by her beauty.

“I couldn’t think straight, my mind was focused on this beautiful easy going student. The best part is that, there is an aura she carries around her that sends jitters down my spine.”

That awesome feeling when someone is making an effort to make you smile…..

I want to steal your breath and rob your mind; I want to love
you senseless. I want to love you until you are caught in a world that
is unreal, where nothing exists but the satisfaction of all your secret
yearnings. You have my word.

Apart from her beauty, her simplicity and desire to know God also added to the point of attraction. He admired how much she longed for God!

As fate would have it, they ended up joining the same workers’ unit (the Bible study unit) after their workers in training programme ended and Phillip seized the opportunity to draw closer to her.

You own me, I belong to you!

 “It was love at first sight but because I had stayed almost 6 years without admission, I made up my mind not to have anything to do with girls but Bisola changed everything. She stole my heart, and I knew she was the one for me because no other lady had ever made me feel the way she always made me feel.

I didn’t ask her out immediately until first semester in 200 level. I knew she was seeking to know more about God so I used brother-sister rhymes for her”

I bless the day I found you

They would discuss the scriptures together, hold Biblical meeting, pray together and all.

My babe is my babe, therefore do not look, touch, wink, stare, wave, flirt, compliment, hold, anything. That’s my job.

After a while, Phillip couldn’t bear it anymore…he wanted to run away with this angel and spend forever with her. He was ready to marry this one woman that always makes his heart leap for joy and send shivers down his spine.

But he goofed somewhat.

“I wanted to marry her cos i was done with playing with girls but I jumped the gun and i was disciplined by the Varsity’s Chaplain. In RCCG, before you tell a sister you want to marry her, you must first tell her pastor before you even approach herbut i was impatient, lol”

Anyway(s), things soon got back to normal between them.

First of all…introduction!

He officially asked her in December 2010 but it wasn’t until March 2011 that she accepted to be his órente.  

And then, in August 2014, Phillip asked her to marry him and be his end and his beginning!

Babes, where you go, i will go

Darling, you love me like nobody could, like nobody will. I
have never been loved so unconditionally. I never feel like I have to
repay you for all the love that you show to me. You love selflessly and
completely and I couldn’t ask for more.

I do not love you just because you
love me right back but because you let me love you. Not everyone can
stand to be loved the way I love you.

Honey, you say the sweetest things.  Everyday
you surprise me with different sides of you, sharing deep thoughts with
me, and leaving me breathless and stupendously loved

Everything I like about me………is you

hug me and the day’s stress drains away. You hug me and I know that I
could absolutely remain in that position for another hour and it will
still feel like seconds. Miiracle hugs.

The lovebirds will walk down the aisle soon and we can’t wait to feature their big wedding, whoosh!

Congratulations Abisola and Phillip!


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