A True Love story: A testimony, the love of Horses and the Dance – Eghosa and Eyituoyo

We be going all da way to Atlanta today, whoop! Thanks for top wedding photographer, FotosbyFola, we have Eghosa & Eyituoyo gracing our True Love Story series today!
“”This was an amazing
shoot. We had soo much fun. The horses were so gentle and very camera
ready! Most importantly i could feel the love between Eghosa &
Eyituoyo. Such an amazing couple. I am really looking forward to their
upcoming wedding.” Fola tells us. 
Read the couple’s beautiful love/proposal story as well ah-mazing prewedding photos below:

Our Story:
Once upon a time…… :-)
well, our story is a testimony! We grew up together. We would randomly
see each other at parties and knew ourselves to be close family friends.
We both saw something in each other and had nothing but respect for
each other. As we grew individually, our relationship became closer, not
knowing that we would be here today.

God has been so good to us. Many
trials and tests, but thank God that He is our foundation. We love
spending quality time with each other, going to movies, spas, shopping,
and surprising each other. We love being there for people and supporting
in any way possible. If there is one thing that we would like to
highlight about ourselves, that is the grace of God is sufficient, and
as he has been there for us and knowing that He will continually be our
rock; we encourage you to call upon Him in every situation.
We look forward to sharing more with you on our wedding day! :-)
God Bless you!

Proposal story:
It was Tuoyo’s 30th birthday, I told him that I would plan a birthday
party for him; the only thing he had to do was show up. I remember
telling him this about 6 months before his birthday. Planning his
birthday party was very exciting for me, because I knew this was going
to be his first party. The day of his party came after months of
planning and I was so excited, looking forward to seeing him have a
wonderful night as he celebrated his 30th. I had different
entertainments planned for the day, with a few disappointments the day
off, I was still optimistic that he would have a wonderful time.

the party was going on, I realized many distractions, I was called to
the kitchen, then to the car, and then someone else called me to go over
the program. During this time, I heard the MC calling my name on the
microphone, as I walked up, I saw Tuoyo standing in the middle of rose
petals shaped in a heart with candles surrounding the heart. And he
asked me to step into the heart with him.

He asked my sisters and his
sisters to come up as well, he thanked me for everything and handed me a
box, I remember everyone hailing and asking me to open the box, as I
opened the box, it was an ipad and on the back was engraved, Eghosa P.
Asoro, will you marry me? I turned around to look at tuoyo and he was on
his knee. I think after that, I spaced out; I can not really remember
what happened after that, I was overwhelmed with joy. I could not
believe what just happened at the moment. Just when I thought I was
going to make his 30th birthday one to remember, he made it about us! I
am truly grateful to have this man in my life, I am looking forward to
out future. God has a plan! :)

Now we leave you to enjoy their pre-wedding shoot!

A shoot is not complete without a dance off! lol :)
Congrats guys!!

Don’t you just love these two!
Eghosa and Eyituoyo will walk down the aisle in a few months from now and their wedding photos and details will be published on KFB.
Got a wedding you would love to feature on the series, you can always reach us on
[email protected]
Happy loving 🙂


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