A True Love Story! Temi weds Alex in grand style…

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This week’s KFB true love story series is in conjunction with Kevin Obosi weddings – one fabulous and amazing photographer whose works we truly revere and adore.

“A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.”
photoblog image TEMI & ALEX.
“Girl you showed me love and you’ve promised to love me forever. You light up my world”
“My heart is forever at your service.”

Temi and Alex are our love birds of the week and their big wedding was such a fab one with a perfect weather, lovely and very colourful venue – their lovely traditional engagement ceremony and the white wedding took place last month in London.


Due to their very busy schedules Temi and Alex had some late night pre-wedding photo shoot yet the photos were totally amazing!
Temi and Alex met years ago, they started out as friends and became “so into each other”.
Alex fell in love with the damsel and wanted no one else but Temi as his woman – the woman to spend the rest of his life with.

“For the rest of my life, I’ll love you”
When we got together the heavens above whispered ‘perfect’.
Baby, Nothing is impossible when I have you by my side.
When we are together, nothing else matters

  You see, she has seen him cry, laugh, prays with him and for him, cheers him up when he is down, listens to him…she is everthing to him and the best part is, they both love kissing each other ALOT!

Of all the hearts in the world, I am so glad I found yours.
“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love
“I followed my heart and it led me to YOU”

 Temi and Alex are one fun couple, their wedding was filled with love…so we are just gonna let the photos do all the talking….enjoy!

The lovely bride
Alex arriving at his bride’s home
Alex getting set to prostrate
He prostrates to his in-laws and receives prayers from them
Alex recieving prayers
Temi’s friends lead her in
Temi dances in with her friends
And then she kneels before her parents
I have come to marry the love of my life, he says
This cap is for my soul mate
And then she wears the cap on his head
Oh they thought they could shake us?! What they didn’t know was that what God has joined together let no man put asunder.
Baby, we did it!!!
oh wow, we are so glad!
The proposal letter
We are one!
The ring
With this ring, I thee wed
Alex and mum
cutting of the cake
You are the one that makes me smile…
Couple and parents (Nothing like seeing the Joy on your parents face when you get married)
My angel and the best thing that’s ever happened to me
With this cake, I thee feed
There are some images words can’t describe and here’s one…
“Girl you showed me love and you’ve promised to love me forever. You light up my world”
“You captivated my soul”

The Grand wedding photos:

Bride’s gown and shoes
Bride’s father leads her into the church
With this ring, I thee wed
Groom unveils his bride
And then they exchange that very sexy look
Couple exchange their marital vows
Woo-hoo, the newest couple in town
Signed, Sealed, Delivered. She’s mine
Congregation watch in delight as the newly wed exchange vows
Temi and Alex’s first official kiss
Alex weeps for joy
Thank you God for bringing this day to pass
Thank you God!!!
Sweet Jesus… We made it!
Couple receiving blessings
“It is with your feet that you move… It is with your heart that you dance
The newly wed stepping out of the church
The newly wed march out of the church
“I love you forever and a day more”
OMG, you came!
Couple and dads
Temi waves to everyone
We love love love kissing!
Couple and bridal train
Together forever
Couple, best man and best lady
“I’m never letting you go
Where you go, I’ll go

    Wedding Reception:

Reception hall
Couple at wedding after-party
“Ahn, na the love wen me get for you na Jackie Chan”
“haaa komole
baby just komole
haaaaa gbesoke
haaaaa komole
baby just komole
haaaaa gbesoke yeaah yeaah”
Alex giving the vote of thanks
And we cut the cake!!!
There are some images words can’t describe and here’s another

KFB wishes Temi and Alex a fabulous and wonderful marital life!
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