A True Love Story! A surprise proposal that we would always cherish – Olabisi and Tobi

I chose you over everyone else cos you own the key to my heart love

This week’s True Love Story is dedicated to a sweet friend of the house and a faithful KFB reader – Olabisi Emanuel. She got engaged to her best friend, Tobi Ademosun over the weekend – just hours before her elder sister’s (Aramide) bridal shower.

Bisi and Tobi aka Tobisi met through a friend in 2011…..”She gave me his contact and gave him my contact and that’s how we clicked off.  We were always chatting via watsapp then and somehow feelings crept in….even before we met in person..we became so into each other”.

As time flew by, their love blossomed – they would share secrets with each other, pray, laugh, cry, work and eat together.
For Tobi, loving Bisi felt so true!

You make US so happy

He is not embarrassed to laugh
with her when she makes a fool of herself – he realized he could be himself with her and not worry about what she
will think of him!

Yea right, we have got swags too

So he decided to take their relationship onwards with a romantic proposal last Friday.
He went all out in popping the question to the special lady in his life….aww!

The proposal story:

The proposal video (HERE) was captured by one of the friends at the occasion, Aisha.
Bisi, the bridesmaid-to-be
for her elder sister, Aramide, who was getting married the next day, was trying to set things up for the bridal shower she
had planned for her sister, when her friends (who had planned the surprise proposal with Tobi) persuaded her to let them go
to one of the eateries very close to the house.

Of all the hearts in the world, I am so glad I found yours.

After much persuasion she followed them to the canteen…Tobi showed up!She was glad to see him, she felt he had showed up in advance for her sister’s wedding and didn’t know what he had planned.
After greetings…laughs…..smiles…lovey dovey and PDAs, he anxiously announced that he had something to say.

Attention y’all, I have got an announcement

He began to tell the world (friends and fam. members around) of how much Bisi meant to him and how he couldn’t stand a minute without having her around.

Seriously, I can’t believe this!

And then he took off his shirt  – underneath was a tee shirt with a ‘will you marry me’ inscription.
Bisi was
stunned. What’s happening?
With his hands shaking, he got down on not one but both knees, and popped the question….he wowed his lady love into a speedy “yes” response.
 It was so perfect.” Yes, it was.

Bisi and friends minutes before the proposal

Ah, what’s going on please?!
Tobi, please stop it ….Babes I can’t, we are destined to be together, forever

And then he got on his knees

The cake
Oya stand up dearie

No babes, I’m not standing till you accept the ring 🙂

“Tobi, wow, you didn’t have to all this…. Tobi –> “You deserve much more, babes”

That deep hug!!!!!
And then she wears the ‘I Said Yes’ Tshirt…whoop!

We cut the cake!

The newest soon-to-wed couple in town

Bisi flaunts her ring

Yea, we are cool like that!

I want the world to meet you for you are my favorite person of all time

Yours’ truly and Olabisi 🙂

 And right after the proposal, everyone headed back to the house for Aramide’s fun-filled bridal shower…

Fab. couple Tobisi

The sisters

Daddy’s gal, Aramide and Dad

The beautiful Bride

Bisi, Aramide and yours’ truly
The ‘let’s get to meet the guests’ session
Ladies at the shower

Aramide narrating how sweet and ah-mazeen her ‘first kiss’ felt…

Bisi, yours’ truly, Moyo and Aisha

And then a sneak peak into the fairytale wedding of Aramide and hubby, Kayode Adelabu – our KFB couple for next Monday…whoop, we can’t wait!

We are the newest and finest couple in town!

The proposal and bridal shower was photographed by Bardi Noah of Bardi Photography, you can contact him on +2347036604940.
KFB wishes Tobisi the very best and blossoming love, we can’t wait for you both to begin your new life together as hubby and wifey 😉


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