A True Love Story! Power of a priceless facebook proposal (Bukunmi and Weekay)

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This week on the KFB TLS, we will be celebrating the Olomofe family – dad, mum and beautiful baby girl.

Weekay, Bukunmi and their baby girl

Bukunmi and Weekay got married on the 19th of May 2012, had a wonderful one year anniversary a few months ago and yes, they welcomed their baby too. 
Have a ride with their beautiful love story.

 The first time Weekay saw his priceless gift, Bukunmi (4years ago), he was stunned by her beautiful smile, calm nature and friendly disposition.

The lover birds at their traditional ceremony

She was seated in her mother’s shop that lovely day when he passed by and saw her.  He became attracted to her and always passed by the shop or stopped to buy stuffs just to see her. He was able to study her and find out all there is about her.
As fate would have it, he had a friend, Kayode, who turned out to be Bukunmi’s friend too, so Kayode was able to play a major role for him.

One noon he had the courage to actually speak to her, he greeted her and sparked up a beautiful conversation with her and yes, they exchanged contacts and they became friends.
Unfortunately for Weekay, Bukunmi wasn’t single then, she was already in a relationship with some other guy but that didn’t stop them from been friends. 
You see, from ordinary friends, their bond grew strong and waxed stronger.

As love would have it, things didn’t turn out well with Bukunmi and the other guy, they broke up and guess who was the happiest man on earth when he heard the news – Weekay!

The lover birds at their court wedding
Love birds dancing out of the court

  Months after, Weekay proposed to his jewel!

 And they kissed…
Their first “official” kiss

Narrating how the proposal went, Bukunmi said “He proposed to me via face book
inbox. It’s funny, right? That morning, I went online and saw the message on my inbox…I was overwhelmed. The message made me laugh for joy, I was glad! 
The words he used were simple but priceless, he said he respected me so much and wanted me to be his forever…he said he had studied me for years now and I’m the perfect version of his dream wife” Aww!

Love birds exchanging marital vows during their church wedding

“And the funny thing is that he said he couldn’t propose to me via phone call or look me in the eye because he couldn’t stand me saying no to him cos it would hurt him so bad, so he settled for the Facebook inbox cos even if I said no, reading the reply wouldn’t hurt him as much as actually watching or hearing me say No” an excited Bukunmi further narrated.
“Sincerely, I was very happy with his proposal method but I did not reply his message, you know how we ladies can be sometimes, lol. He called me later on to know if I’d gone on face book and wanted to know what my
response was but of course I told him to give me time to think about it, which he did”

The newly wed
The beautiful bride

“I actually wanted him for a husband too, I love him so much for his patience and his humility. He makes me laugh all the time and makes me happy”
 Bukunmi soon said yes to him and they proceeded to planning their wedding ceremony! It went smoothly.
Their joy knew no bounds when God soon blessed them with a bouncing baby girl – Olamisimiloluwa, Adufe Olomofe. 

We are such a happy family

On her child birth and motherhood, the happy mum disclosed “It’s such a remarkable and wonderful experience. I
believe it cannot be fully explained because it is beyond
human comprehension. I thank God for his faithfulness. “

Mum and daughter moment
Dad and daughter moment
Happy family
Dad and daughter
Mum and daughter
We are so adorable

Admitting that this phase of her life has been highly demanding, Weekay’s wife said “The joy that comes with motherhood is an exciting aspect in the life of every woman but this phase
of life is far in comparison to one’s life as a single woman. It’s highly demanding, one is obligated to her husband, her children, her home and herself. Now I have to always multi-task…”
Speaking on the marital journey so far, the Olomofes have this to say:

“God has been faithful though there are ups and downs which
cannot b overruled. We thank God because indeed he gave us each other –  our second half – whenever our in-differences manifest, God comes in.  We are each other’s precious gift and we are going to live happily ever after as God is the head of our home”

Couple and groom’s parents

  KFB wishes the Olomofes a fabulous and wonderful marital life!
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Couple and bride’s parents
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