A True Love Story! Miss Ife Majekodunmi ports to Mrs Bamidele (photos)

Don’t compare your love stories with the ones in the movies; they are written by script writers while yours is written by God!
Ife Majekodunmi and Peter Bamidele (PSRL) whom she addresses as her teacher, discipler, pastor, brother, friend, partner in progress, mentor, crown, brother, her first baby and awww, her all in all (oh by the way, he calls her Ayanfeoluwa) – walked the aisle to the admiration of her friends, colleagues, family and well wishers on the 10th of August at the Mountain of fire and miracles ministries, Onike, Yaba, Lagos.

We need no weddingring‬ to prove our ‪#‎love‬.

The young couple, who had their engagement ceremony and the wedding proper, all on Saturday, were joined and blessed by their pastor after which they had the “you may kiss the bride session” – their first kiss, so beautiful!

The beautiful kiss got the guests “aww-ing” “huh-ing”and clapping…
Every beautiful wedding comes with a love story and the excited bride, who is a graduate of mass communication from one of the leading private varsities in Nigeria, narrated theirs thus:
It wasn’t the usual love-at-first meeting neither was it the friends-at-first meeting…but yes they met!
They met at the Mountain of fire youth church (MFM) – where Ife was privileged to do a course called “the spiritual leadership academy” ….while undergoing her training, Ife made sure she abided with all the rules of the academy until “one beautiful day when I offended the principal of the class, he kinda took it personal and reported me to the PSRL (who is now my man)”.
There she was made to appear before the PSRL and argue out her case but despite all her explanations, she was suspended from the class “he said I deserved to be punished”
Uh! You can imagine how angry she was “I was very angry, infact I said I was not going to continue with the course because PSRL was the last person I spoke to in church and I least expected him to have the liver to suspend me”…
Fast forward to a few weeks after, they became friends “After the whole issue and fight, we just couldn’t do without each other…I guess he used the suspension thingy to catch my attention, he apologized severally and now he has honoured me by crowning me his queen” – aww!
“We just knew we were destined to walk through life’s journey together
and that issue that brought us together was just a stepping stone into a fulfillment”
On how he proposed “Was it recorded that Adam proposed to Eve in Bible…ours was just like that. Like a dream, he woke up to find out that God had already crafted me out of his ribs. He needed not to propose, God handed me over to him…” aint that so sweet!
Check out some of the wedding photos below:

Bride’s friends/guests
Bride and Chief Bridesmaid
Bride and friends
Bride and “all the single ladies”


You can also watch the wedding clips HERE.
KFB wishes the newly wed couple a fruitful and happy married life! Oh by the way, Ife and PSRL are presently in the moon, they sure send their greetings…


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