A baby with a brain tumor was miraculously healed after a kiss from Pope Francis

Days after her 1st birthday in 2015, baby Gianna Masciantonio was kissed on her head by Pope Francis.

In that same year , Gianna had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and histiocytosis. Because of the rare condition, it was impossible for doctors to operate on her to remove the tumor, so Gianna was treated with chemotherapy.

Now Gianna’s parents have made it known that their baby girl has recovered and will infact be starting preschool this year.

Doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are marvelled by the recovery and Dr Phillip Storm of the hospital’s paediatric neurosurgeon said, “From what I thought at age 4 months when I operated on her, if you would have told me she’d be running around getting ready to start preschool, I would have told you you’d be crazy. It just wouldn’t happen”

To commemorate Gianna’s recovery, her parents, Joey and Kristen Masciantonio, have donated $50,000 to the hospital where Gianna was treated. They made the donation in the name of the foundation they started, For the Love of Grace. Grace is Gianna’s middle name, and the foundation is dedicated to helping children with brain tumors and histiocytosis.

The Pope was not aware of Gianna’s brain condition when he kissed her head in 2015 but he has now taken an interest in her recovery.

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