A 7 months courtship without a kiss | Read this ‘spiritually healthy’ wedding story

For those of you who think it is hard to stay away from kissing during courtship, especially if you are bent on not defiling the bed till your wedding night, then read this!
Joseph and Candice courted for seven months before their wedding.

Their seventh month courtship, filled with sweet gestures and words
of love, and it was very evident to the two of them that they were meant
to be together for a lifetime.

More interestingly, they didn’t share a kiss all through the period.

They had their first kiss while exchanging the marital vows!

“Not only was it our first as husband and wife, but
it was our first kiss as a couple. From the moment we began courting we
both agreed that we didn’t want anything physical to sway our view of
one another. We wanted to make sure that we were both emotionally and
spiritually healthy – that our relationship grew based on more than
“feelings”. So it’s no surprise that we both greatly anticipated that
moment. How would I describe it? Sweet and electrifying all at once.”

See some photos from their wedding by Inije Photography.


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