“75% of Nigerian women are single because …”

In a recent interview with Yes magazine, popular Lagos Lawyer and
human rights activist, Fred Agbaje said : “If you abandon your job and begin to pursue women, they will bring you down.
The average Nigerian woman, they want successful men. Those who have
made their marks in their professions, those who have a name. But you
have to be careful to avoid them otherwise they will bring you down.
Otherwise they will cause you distractions.

 And let me tell you, it’s not all the girls out there that have
anything to offer you; it’s what they can take from you. Otherwise why
don’t they go for people who are still struggling?

75% of Nigerian women today, they want successful men. Meanwhile, ask
them what their contribution to help that man to greater heights,

I resume work 7 o’clock, I close 10,11pm every day. So, I have no time for those frivolities.

So, is it the type of me that one lady will be running after? I’m not
saying they don’t come after me, they come after me, but I know that
they just want to associate with the name and what they can get. Not
what they are going to contribute; they have nothing to contribute, they
have nothing to offer me and that is typical of 75% of Nigerian women
out there.

That is why most of them remain single at 35.Because they are looking for ready-made men, not who they can build with.

Not even coming in and helping you to develop further.

That’s why you use and dump them”

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