7 Things I hate about Everybody

I am not taking credit for this list…I found it on an amazing website but It kinda apllies to me so I am sharing it with you all.

 1. People who point at their watch and askfor the time (Do you know what time is it? and yet, they have a watch on their wrist)
2. People who say “oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too” Damn Right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?
3. People who go about the whole room looking for the TV remote to
change the TV channel…for crying out loud, what stops you from walking
to the TV and change it manually rather than looking for the remote.

4.When people say, while watching a film, “Did you see that?” Like I wasn’t watching too
5. When people ask “Can I ask you a question?”…for crying out loud, you didn’t give me a choice there, did you?
6. When people say it is ‘new and improved’…lolz, which is it? if it’s new, then there has never been anything like it before and if it is improved, then it must be something that has been in existence…
7. When you are waiting for bus and someone asks “Has the bus come/what are you waiting for” If the us has come, would I be standing there/what else would I be doing at the bus stop
Share your thoughts and let’s all laugh at the many things everyone does that annoys you…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ajayi Funmi

    March 22, 2020 at 10:49 am

    People asking “Have you eaten?”. That pisses me off. When you answer “Yes!” They are quick to ask “What did you eat?”. That’s crazy! When u don’t know what to say u keep quiet. It’s not a must to talk.
    People asking “what are you doing?” When chatting with them. Of course “I’m chatting with you!”
    People asking “Are you there?”,etc

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