3 shades of lipstick every girl should own…

Lipsticks are make-up must have for ladies… For Definition’s sake, they
are coloured cosmetics applied on the lips, they can be in solid, Semi
solid (lip balm) or liquid form(lip gloss)!…. They are typically, but
not exclusively, worn by women. They add colour and hydrates the lips…
Now back to the topic, Three (3 shades of lipstick every girl should own)…

Purple is the new pink! Yes purple is…. It’s a bold and daring colour, it gives you that matured look.
Make up artist Anthony Tulve said
“Purple is such a versatile color,” “It can be barely there, or it
can be bright, or it can be vampy. It’s actually somewhat of a neutral.”
Tulve adds that fall’s must-have shade is a trend firmly planted in
wearability, because its resurgence is “beauty-based rather than
trend-based.” It’s a surprising point of view, given how many women in
our office have never even tried it on their own pouts.
So Girls what are you waiting for? Hurry go get your purple lipstick now!…..

Do you think pulling off a black lipstick is just too hard and shy
away from wearing them? If as a girl you do not own a black lipstick,
you are on a long thing!.. lol… A black lipstick is always on point…
It’s a good-to-go thing for any outfit. It gives you a vampy and sexy
look! Get out of your beauty comfort zone and try rocking a darker lip.
You can rock black lipstick and still look hot! It doesn’t have to mean
you are a witch!… Black lipstick will take you places

3. PINK:
Yes I said “purple is the new pink” but “Pink is Pink” they are
universally flattering because they allow your own coloring to shine
through… Pink is girly, it’s cool and sweet, it’s attractive, it’s
beautiful and it’s PINKY!…..

Written By: Gift Adene
Instagram : @giftadene
Twitter : @adene_gift


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