2face Idibia talks about overcoming battles and scandals

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2face talks on how he has overcome battles and scandals with his humility.
The singer has faced many challenges from his former controversial lifestyle, his battles with former bandmates, yet he has managed to overcome all this.
Inspire of all this, 2face has been dubbed the humblest celebrity in Nigeria.
In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the ‘African Queen’ crooner said,

is not an act or make-believe. It is who I am and what you see is what
you get. I don’t need to ‘form’ for anybody. I believe in myself and I
believe that anybody who truly likes me would accept me as I am. Anyway,
it is even better to be true to yourself because it would save you a
lot of headaches. Sometimes, I read what some people write about me and I
feel emotionally touched. Some people are ready to stake whatever they
have to defend me; even if they don’t know whether I’m guilty or not.
It’s not just about the music but maybe from the interactions they may
have had with me. My humility has fought a lot of battles and I will
always remain grateful to God and my fans.”


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