26 year old Hair dresser vows to stay a virgin till her wedding night

Adrienna Wembi said she made the decision not to have sex until she met her soulmate when she was 18
Like most teenagers, Adrienna Wembi had a choice to make of when to sleep with her first proper boyfriend.
But unlike most, the then 18-year-old took the unusual step
of deciding she would only take things to a certain point – and at the
age of 26 she still hasn’t changed her mind.
Adrienna has never regretted her decision to wait until she
meets her soulmate – although she says men don’t believe she’s still a
virgin because she is so “attractive”.
Speaking to the Sun Online, Hair dresser Adrienna, now 26, said: “When I
come across people, they don’t seem to believe me because of my
“I’m attractive and the way that males approach me makes people think certain things about me.”
The young woman said she wanted other young people to know they didn't need to feel pressured into having sex

Adrienna Wembi
Adrienna said the decision wasn't easy but she was determined to stick to her convictions

“When I tell some people they think I’m lying but I don’t
want to have sexual intercourse with anyone until I know they are my
soulmate – that seems to impress people.”
The young woman, of High Wickham, said people mostly asked her how she resisted, and why she had made the decision.
She said: “I’m only going to have sexual intercourse with one guy, the guy I will marry.
“I made that decision when I was 18 and I have kept to it.”
“I was in a relationship in high school and because I wasn’t
willing to go past a certain point, we broke up – I wasn’t willing to
go to the next step to sexual intercourse.
“But if I was to lose my virginity when I was 14, how many guys would I have slept with.
“When you find the right person that is your soulmate, then
you can go ahead. “Otherwise, you’ll end up having sex with everyone and
I don’t think that’s right.”
According to a recent study, the average age that people lose their virginity in the UK is 18.

But Adrienna, who said she wasn’t motivated by religion,
said she wanted young people to know that they didn’t have to rush,
adding: “I thought maybe if I share my story I can help other teenagers.
“They can know that they can wait and save themselves from heartbreak.”
The aspiring hairdresser said her family was proud of her for sticking to her convictions.

The young woman said she shocked people when she told them her decision
The 26-year-old said that her family supposed her decision

She said: “I’m not saying it is easy.
“If you have a boyfriend, it’s really tempting, it’s not easy at all.
“When you’re 15 you don’t need to rush but take time to
analyse and see if they want a sexual relationship, or if they are after
a committed relationship.”

Source; SUN


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