15 Year Old Girl Commits Suicide By Drinking Rat Poison Because Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her

Shocking news reaching us at this hour is that of a Nigerian
teenager who allegedly committed suicide because her boyfriend broke up
with her.

a source hinted us about the situation, we took to one Slimzy Jay
social media account to find out how true the report of her demise is…
only for us to reach her page and see RIP messages clouding her posts.

these posts, users alleged that the teenager committed suicide sometime
this morning after her boyfriend left her – investigating further, we
discover that the last time she made a post on her wall was yesterday,
at 3:30pm where she tagged one of her friends, Ber Nice.
begun filling the comments section until some hours ago when it took a
new toll and it was RIP comments that clouded the post.
The last activity of Slimzy Jay on Facebook was when she replied her
friend, Ber Nice, whom she tagged in her latest post, at around, 4:37pm,
an hour and seven minutes after she made the post itself.

Her friend, Ber Nice replied some comments that insinuated that her
death reports are fake – according to her, Slimzy’s family can’t fake
their tears over her and the fact that she killed herself because of a
man is not true. She says the last time she saw her was yesterday morning.


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