Lazarus Mouka’s church member seizes gun from thief in foiled armed robbery attack

lazarus mouka's church member gun thief

Orsino Enyi, a member of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries pastored by Lazarus Mouka, has testified of how he seized a gun from an armed robber.

The incident happened along Eke – Mkpor Onitsha, Anambra State between the hours of 3 to 4pm.

This was disclosed in a statement issued on the official Facebook page of the church.

The statement read, “God has again in his ultimate power reaffirmed His position as the protector of his people even the Chosen.

“Our beloved Brother Orsino Enyi testified of the goodness of God in his life, and how his life was preserved after a robbery attack.

“The incident occurred sometime in April, 2022 at Eke – Mkpor Onitsha, Anambra State between the hours of 3 to 4pm.

“He was in the company of another brother when these armed men accosted them.

“They were two in number and rode on a motorbike. As they double-crossed our brother and jumped down from the bike, they commanded him and other person to surrender all they had on them.

“Our brother immediately declared he is a Chosen as instructed by our G.O. The one in front brought out his gun and shot at our brother, but the bullet didn’t penetrate.

“The accomplice also brought out his gun and shot at him. At that instant, our brother rushed toward the second robber and grabbed his gun. By this time, the other one had run away.

“They were able to seize the abandoned motorcycle, the gun and even the footwear the thief left behind while he managed to escape.

“Passers-by who saw what happened gathered round the scene. They were all so shocked and even questioned our brother’s source of power.

“He boldly told them it’s what the God of Chosen is capable of doing.

“The seized items were later taken to the nearby Police station and full report given.”

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