June 12: Democratic values must be deepened, says Akeredolu

june 12 democracy day akeredolu

In commemoration of Democracy Day June 12, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has said that democratic values have to be deepened in the country

This is as he identified restructuring as the only panacea for the array of challenges confronting the nation, particularly insecurity.

Remembering the victim of an attack by gunmen on St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, Akeredolu said they will never be forgotten.

“Although, we are still mourning, we will not forget to join our voices to address the fundamental issues that have remained a clog in the wheel of the country’s progress.

“This day represents a watershed in the history of democracy in our country. It also symbolises a total rebirth of hope and aspiration. It reinforces not just an enduring hope, but resilience in the face of daunting challenges.

“Today, we must make efforts to ensure that the reason for this day is not defeated. Our focus must shift primarily to the people. We must identify the challenges confronting the nation and be prepared to tackle them for the overall benefit of Nigerians.

“No doubt, Our country is going through hard times. The issue of insecurity requires our collective efforts. We must renew our commitment to the protection of lives and property. Our country must explore all angles aimed at securing our space against these divisive elements bent on setting the country on the path of conflagration.

“The people are the major winners of June 12. This day re-echoes the triumph of the people against tyranny and misrule. We must not allow the enemies of the country to continue to attack the psyche of the people and oppress them with impunity. Enough is enough.

“Since the people are pivotal to our democratic gains, their well-being and security must be prioritised. There is an urgent need for us to rethink our constitution and address issues that hinder our progress.

“The need for restructuring has stared us in the face for too long. It is time for the Federal government to shed its excesses for the sub-nationals. Security must be devolved to the states. There is no better time for state police than now!

“We must be sincere in our approach to securing the lives and property of the people. The Chief Executives of states should not be Chief Security officers without the prerequisite for necessary security measures. It is time to rise above mere appellation to being pragmatic.

“The symbol of the June 12 struggle paid the supreme sacrifice. Our people must not continue to pay the ultimate price in vain. It is devastating . Let us deepen our Democratic values by devolving power to the sub-nationals. It will strengthen governance and make us stronger.

“As we celebrate this year’s June 12, our mood in Ondo State is melancholic. Our hearts are still hurt. These mindless elements behind the Terror attack at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo drew a dagger to our hearts. Our flags are still flying at half-mast. We are still in shock. Our loved ones who fell to the bullets of these terrorists will never be forgotten,” The Governor said.

Governor Akeredolu also called on the people to reflect on the gains of June 12. He added the Democracy Day is not only a deft stroke on the canvass of justice, but a reminder to all on the need to uphold the principle of equity and fairness.

“We must strive to deepen this path of democratic ethos. Our resolves must resonate with the gains of June 12. This revalidation of hope must be total,” he stressed.

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