Akeredolu faults Afenifere endorsement of Obi, says prostitution common in politics

akeredolu afenifere obi

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has faulted the endorsement of Labour Party Peter Obi by the Pan Yoruba Socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere.

The Governor, in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Olabode Richard, declared that Afenifere didn’t speak for the Yoruba people.

He noted that Afenifere’s endorsement of Obi had left the group divided because the view did not represent the stance of the Yoruba people.

This is as he heaped praises on the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, saying he had always remained a progressive despite the prevalence of political prostitution in the country.

“Prostitution in politics is very common. When you have people who stick to their guns and stay in their parties, you must respect them. It is not common. We have seen a situation where governors left their parties and go to other parties. For me, it is integrity. Asiwaju has shown integrity. Asiwaju’s form of politics has taught us that political prostitution is unnecessary.” he stressed.

Akeredolu said Tinubu made efforts to build Lagos State when he was governor of the state, adding that the APC presidential standard bearer was able to make Lagos State a country within the Country.

He noted that Asiwaju Tinubu promoted national unity by appointing people from different ethnic backgrounds across the country into his government.

“Asiwaju was able to make Lagos a country within country. As you know, Asiwaju was in the saddle for eight years in Lagos. And you will find out that because of Lagos peculiarities, people from virtually all parts of the country were part of his government.
“Asiwaju Tinubu assembled the best brains for the job and these people moved from Lagos to become leaders in their respective states. Aregbesola was there as a commissioner and went from there to become governor in Osun State.

“Everybody has its own part to play. Today, we have people who have been senators in Lagos and gone back to their states to contest. Lagos can be described as a mini Nigeria. An Hausa man can thrive in Lagos. An Igbo man thrives in Lagos.

“Aliko Dangote lives in Lagos and his business is in Lagos and he’s thriving. So many other people thrive in Lagos. Our brothers from the East own the whole of Alaba. They have representatives in the National Assembly and Lagos State Assembly. You must give credit to Asiwaju for laying the foundation for such things to thrive in Lagos,” Akeredolu said.

The Governor expressed confidence that the APC Presidential candidate would make state police happen in the country.

He said: “I strongly believe that the Presidency of Tinubu will give chance for State Police. He is lucky. Today, all governors in the 36 states of the federation support creation of state police. That should be a centre piece of his campaign.

“There must be restructuring and Asiwaju is one President that will come and restructure the country in accordance with the APC constitution. I look up to him as a leader who would say come 2023, a state police would happen.
Expressing his view on the Muslim/Muslim ticket, Governor Akeredolu said what is important to the country is capacity and knowledge, not religion and ethnicity.

“There are lots of discussions about the Muslim/Muslim ticket. And some of us have tried to explain to our people. The ticket itself can not be the issue. The main issue is who will serve the country. When you talk about the issue of ticket, you also want to talk about the issue of inclusivism. Should the presidency go back to the north? No!

“And what are we left with? We are left with an Obi and Asiwaju. Then you will weigh the two. Some of us have made a decision about Asiwaju. And the decision is based on what he has to offer.

“When put together on a scale, Tinubu weighs higher. We look at intellect, experience and what we stand to gain from his presidency. Capacity and knowledge are different from religion and ethnicity. We have always voted for experience and capacity.

“We have said it clearly. President must come to the South. It has come to us now to make a choice. In making the choice, we must think about capacity and competence. And the scale tilts towards Asiwaju Tinubu,” he stressed.

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