ADC presidential candidate, Dumebi Kachikwu clears air over $2.1m tax evasion allegations in US

Dumebi Kachikwu in fraud case

The African Democratic Congress presidential candidate, Dumebi Kachikwu, has cleared the air over allegations of $2.1m tax evasion in the United States.

Kachikwu denied the allegation in a statement titled, ‘Allegations of tax evasion, fraud against me untrue, politically motivated’ on Wednesday.

According to Roots TV boss, the allegations were propagated by his political opponents, who were unhappy with his victory at the ADC Presidential primary.

The statement read in part, “A few days ago, my campaign team received information that one of the aspirants who lost out in the just concluded ADC presidential primaries was planning a series of smear campaigns against me.

“I was therefore not surprised when I saw this story. Contrary to the information being peddled, I was assessed an additional $9m several years ago by the US Inland Revenue Service.

“This amount was reduced to $2m and when the IRS sued to collect the amount, my lawyers didn’t contest it and instead waited for a default judgement in order to go to the next stage which is making an offer in compromise to reduce the amount to be paid. This is a standard legal practice in tax matters.”

Kachikwu also denied allegations that he delivered a bribe to convicted US Congressman William Jefferson.
He said instead; that he was the one who reported the former Congressman to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The statement further read, “(The report) claimed I had delivered a $100,000 cash bribe to curry the favour of the former US Congressman.  This is another lie as multiple evidence abounds online clearly showing I was the victim who reported the US congressman to the EFCC and the FBI for defrauding my company.

“I have now instructed my lawyers to sue all digital media organisations who participated in the dissemination of this falsehood.”

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