Adamawa community urges for deployment of teachers

Parents in the Allajire community in Adamawa’s Fufore Local Government Area have requested that teachers be sent to the local primary school.

In a Saturday interview with local newsmen, a few of the parents made the plea.

Malam Kawu Bappa, a parent, claimed that he has four children who are still living at home as a result of the school’s lack of teachers since the start of the second term.

Since the Head Teacher was transferred to another school, according to Bappa, none of the teachers have been present at the institution.

“We are appealing to government to post us teachers so that our children can go to school.

“Since the resumption of second term, we did not see any teacher,” he said.

According to him, the former head teacher had impacted positively on the children education, adding that they trust him based on his competency in western and religious education.

Mr Yusuf Paka, another parent, also appealed for reposting of the school head back to the community.

Paka said that the former head teacher visit house-to-home to make sure children attend school.

According to him, if not for the transfer the school activities should had commenced.

Paka appreciated the intervention of UNICEF in constructing block of class room for the children to have conducive learning environment.

He said that before now the children were seating in makeshift structures and under trees for classes.

Reacting to the appeal, the Local Government Education Secretary, Malam Aliyu Umaru, confirmed that the school head was transferred to another school base on disciplinary measure.

Umaru said that he had directed for the posting of new head teacher to the school and wondered why the newly posted head teacher did not report to his duty post.

He assured that they would immediately address the problem for the children to return to school for academic activities. (NAN)

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