2023: Igbos not ready for presidency, delegates proved it during primaries – Ned Nwoko

Former federal lawmaker and billionaire Ned Nwoko has said the Igbos are very selfish people and not ready for the 2023 presidency, adding that delegates proved it during the primaries.

Nwoko stated this during an interview with BBC Igbo, adding that it is more than just clamouring for the presidential seat.

He said, “Igbos are not ready for the presidency . It is not just enough to talk about it, we are not ready and I’m talking about the political class and the voters. If the people are ready for Igbo presidency that would have been shown by the result from delegates.

“Very few delegates from the East supported Igbo candidates, they supported somebody else for other reasons. Ask Imo delegates why they chose another person as opposed to Umahi.

“Igbos are largely very selfish, the typical Igbo man is thinking about himself and not the well being of others. If they were, they would stick with an Igbo person. I think the best person from Nigeria should come from anywhere I’ve never subscribed to zoning and believe in merit.”

Nwoko, however, concluded saying that he’s not keen on zoning, adding that “it’s the least of our problems in Nigeria.”

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