Rema’s triumph on Apple Music: Dominating the Global charts in 2023


Rema has achieved a remarkable feat on Apple Music’s end-of-the-year global charts for 2023. His hit song “Calm Down” secured the highest rank among African songs on Apple Music’s Top 100 global end-of-the-year chart for 2023. The chart, released alongside replays for its users on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, presents the top 100 songs globally, computed from data collected between November 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023.

“Calm Down” by Rema not only featured on the global chart but also earned impressive positions in multiple countries:

Calm Down’s World Tour

The global success of “Calm Down” comes as no surprise, given its impressive standings in over 7 countries. Let’s take a look at the countries where Rema’s anthem made waves:

1. India – #4

2. UK – #5

3. Canada – #6

4. New Zealand – #9

5. Sweden – #13

6. Australia – #21

7. Norway – #30

8. USA – #45

9. Spain – #72

These rankings not only showcase Rema’s universal appeal but also highlight the track’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences around the globe.

Rema: Collaborative Brilliance

Apple’s end-of-year chart revealed not only individual successes but also collaborative triumphs. The “Calm Down” remix, featuring Selena Gomez, secured a noteworthy position at number 12. Additionally, Tems, another African artist, made her mark on the global stage with the collaborative track “Wait For U” alongside Future, holding a respectable position on the list.

The Global Top 15

While Rema’s “Calm Down” made its mark at number 12, let’s glance at the top 15 songs that dominated the global music scene in 2023:

1. Last Night, Morgan Wallen

2. Flowers, Miley Cyrus

3. Kill Bill, SZA

4. Rich Flex, Drake & 21 Savage

5. Snooze, SZA

6. Anti-Hero, Taylor Swift


8. Under the Influence, Chris Brown

9. Creepin’, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd, 21 Savage


11. Spin Bout U, Drake & 21 Savage

Rema’s “Calm Down” proudly takes its place at number 12, a testament to its global impact and the artist’s undeniable talent.

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