Rema’s “Holiday” is a vivacious double dose of music delight

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While enjoying the gag-worthy streams from his international collaboration with Selena Gomez on “Calm Down Remix”, popular Nigerian and Mavin records singer, Rema, has released a new single titled “Holiday.”

The 22-year-old is rapidly emerging as one of the most fascinating new voices in African music with his unusual fusion of contemporary R&B and Afrobeats.

The song highlights his extraordinary development and experience since breaking into the music industry in 2019. “Holiday,” a Blaise Beats production with a vivacious music video, is a testament to Rema’s relentless ascension and the broad appeal of his music.

The enjoyable and energetic song “Holiday” highlights Rema’s contagious enthusiasm and witty lyrics. The song has a memorable hook that will stick in your brain and is a celebration of life, love, and good times. The accompanying music video, which was directed by Director K, is a brilliant and colorful visual feast that wonderfully encapsulates the upbeat mood of the song.

Watch “Holiday” by Rema Music video below:

“Holiday” instantly becomes ingrained in your head because to its infectious beat and catchy chorus, which perfectly capture Rema’s success and the celebration of his accomplishments.

Rema sings, “Daily na holiday-ayy, ayy, ayy,” in the lyrics, which conveys a sense of victory and appreciation. The energetic and upbeat tone of the song will definitely make it a fan favorite and a mainstay on playlists all across the world.

His ability to fluidly meld many genres while remaining faithful to his roots is further evidenced by “Holiday,” which adds another depth to his musical arsenal. The overall listening experience is improved by Blaise Beats’ production, which provides a throbbing background to go along with Rema’s mesmerizing voice.

The “Holiday” record is a tribute to Rema’s ingenuity and adaptability as a whole. Rema is pushing the frontiers of African music and establishing himself as one of the most intriguing new artists in the business with his distinctive fusion of Afrobeats, R&B, and pop.

We dare to say that Rema’s “Holiday” is a vivacious double dose of music delight.

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