Olamide’s ‘Unruly’ album achieves Billboard Milestone: Joining forces with Fela Kuti in music history

Olamide Billboard charts

Olamide’s ‘Unruly’ album achieves Billboard Milestone, makes music history with Fela Kuti.

In a groundbreaking stride, Olamide, the rap sensation, has etched his name alongside the legendary Fela Kuti, solidifying his place as one of Nigeria’s musical elite.

With his latest masterpiece, ‘Unruly,’ Olamide becomes a peer to Fela Kuti as the sole Nigerian artist to dominate the prestigious Billboard charts.

Olamide’s Ascent to Greatness: ‘Unruly’ Lighting Up Billboard Charts

The resounding success of Olamide’s tenth studio album, ‘Unruly,’ propels him into the echelons of musical history.

The coveted achievement on the acclaimed Billboard charts now positions him as a luminary in the global music arena, standing shoulder to shoulder with the iconic Afrobeat trailblazer, the late Fela Kuti.

A Historic Triumph for Olamide and Fela Kuti

In a compelling twist of fate, the album ‘Unruly’ serves as a beacon of Olamide’s musical journey, mirroring Fela Kuti’s rise to global recognition.

Their joint accomplishment as the exclusive Nigerian representatives to achieve this remarkable feat on the revered Billboard charts underscores their indelible impact on the music world.

Dazzling Billboard World Albums Chart Performance

The unveiling of ‘Unruly’ saw Olamide eclipse expectations, clinching his spot in music annals. A parallel to Fela Kuti’s illustrious journey, Olamide earned his rightful place with many entries on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

Record-Breaking Entries: Olamide’s Triumph

Olamide’s remarkable journey is epitomized by his six stellar entries on the Billboard World Albums Chart:

  • #4 — Street OT
  • #6 — The Glory
  • #6 — Lagos Nawa
  • #10 — Unruly (New Entry)
  • #11 — Carpe Diem
  • #12 — UY Scuti

These entries stand as a testament to Olamide’s unwavering commitment to musical excellence and innovation, securing his place in the upper echelons of music history.

Fela Kuti’s Enduring Legacy

Yet, amidst Olamide’s triumph, Fela Kuti’s legacy shines resplendently. Fela Kuti’s unassailable record of eight remarkable albums that graced the Billboard World Albums charts solidifies his status as an unmatched force in the industry.

Global Impact: Olamide’s Influence on International Charts

Olamide’s prowess extends beyond the borders of Nigeria. His ‘Unruly’ album has propelled him to secure the highest charting rap album spot by a Nigerian artist on both US and UK charts for Apple Music.

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