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Music: Simi Ft. FAVE – Loyal



Simi – Love For Me

Listen to Simis’s Loyal featuring FAVE and its lyrics…

Simi, a well-known Nigerian artist, collaborates with FAVE on this great song titled Loyal.

Lovely and brilliant Simi, a Nigerian Afro-pop singer, releases Loyal, a sparkling solution with vocal assistance from Fave, who received a verse to demonstrate her talents. The music is so lovely and comforting to the soul.

Simi, who has been up and doing in the industry so that her fans would always have different sweet melodies to listen to, brought up this stunning harmony titled “Loyal,” which she did with a talented music entertainer Fave, who has also been making a tremendous impact to achieve her dreams in music fame.

Nonetheless, it was Simi’s album, Tbh (To Be Honest), that gave birth to this great song, which received production from a well-known music producer named Blaise Beatz, who blessed the track with so much quality sound and fitness.

Listen and enjoy Simi Ft. FAVE – Loyal below:


Simi Ft. FAVE – Loyal lyrics

You say you gonna let me down
If it were up to you, you woulda let me drown
Anywhere you dey me no fit settle down oh no
Ko si anybody to le tan mi
Ke ma foshi lo mi
I don’t fuck around, ask anybody to mo mi – no
You no be my enemy
But you ain’t no friend to me
Cause people ride for the people that ride for them too
If you’re riding with me, then I’m riding with you
See I say what I mean, so I tell you the truth
And now we’re through
Me I only give what I’m wanting
You do me right I match your energy
Everybody need somebody good
Somebody nice, somebody reliable
I’m just tryna keep my spirit pure
Stay the fuck away from immature people
It’s okay if I only have four people
As long as them be sure people

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Are you lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
Cos I’m lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
(Chant) loyal
Lo o loyal

“Wake up wake up
Wanna see you later
These things that I got
They don’t waver”
“Stick up stick up for me.
I’ll see ya
Sooner than the dude at bethsaida”

Shey na wetin you talk
Shey na you wey comot
You make I open my door
What a fool I was

Brother don’t say
What you cannot take
I don’t roll that way bro
I don’t like this fake love

Brother no way
Try dey keep your distance
Leave the hi for socials
All my guys them loyal

Are you lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
Cos I’m lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
(Chant) loyal
Lo o loyal

Me no want no fake ass love o
No fake ass love
Me no want no fake ass love o
Lo lo loyal