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P-Square – Jaiye (Ihe Geme)

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P-Square, Africa’s biggest music duo, has reunited after a brief separation, and they begin their musical journey with “Find Somebody.”
Since P-Square disbanded for the second time in 2017, citing personal and family reasons, the song “Find Somebody” appears to be their professional debut record together. Furthermore, we requested in a post back in 2020, pushing and calling for their reunion.

Do I need to tell you about P-Square, one of Africa’s most well-known music labels? No way! They are so powerful and well-known that their divorce caused quite a stir online. The Rudeboy and Mr. P have subsequently created solo material, but their fans are most happy when they perform together.

Nonetheless, the music videos for “Jaiye” (Ihe Geme) will be released on YouTube today. P-Square has returned, and this time they swear to stay together forever.

Furthermore, after being focused with their reunion world tour, they are ready to give us a double surprise from their stable. You should invest in a good pair of headphones and listen to what they have to say.

Listen and enjoy P-Square – Find Somebody below:


P-Square – Find Somebody Quotable lyrics

It’s your wedding day
What a special day
On a Saturday
Girl you took me far-away
We go celebrate
And your friends go jubilate
Everything go dey
E go turn to holiday

If you see my mama ehhh
Tell am say ehhhh
I don find somebody
If you see my mama ehhh
Tell am say ehhhh
I don find somebody

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