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‘I Told Them’: Burna Boy’s 7th studio album



Burna Boy, 7th studio album, I Told Them

Listen to Burna Boy’s 7th studio album, ‘I Told Them’.

The Afro-fusion icon Burna Boy has sparked euphoria.

The anticipation and excitement surrounding its release reflect Burna Boy’s stature as a global superstar and game-changer in the music scene. The title, “I Told Them,” speaks volumes about Burna Boy’s journey and his determination to turn his dreams into reality.

The album is not just a mere collection of songs but a powerful reflection of Burna’s growth, resilience, and audacity. Every track is a testament to his dedication to his craft and journey from overcoming challenges to achieving international stardom. The guest appearances from renowned artists further emphasize the exceptional quality of the album, elevating it to a rare musical excellence in today’s industry.

“I Told Them” celebrates Burna’s success and reminds me that pursuing dreams with unwavering passion can lead to remarkable achievements. The album asserts his status as a global superstar and showcases his unapologetic authenticity and distinctive style.

In a world where doubts and challenges are prevalent, Burna’s album is a triumphant declaration to all his doubters, a testament to his self-belief, and a tribute to the enduring impact of his artistry as one of the foremost African artists on the global stage.

Listen and Enjoy I Told Them by Burna Boy: