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Double Delight: Seyi Vibez drops two mind-blowing tracks, ‘Hat-Trick’ and ‘Amdallah



Seyi Vibez, Hat-Trick, Amdallah

Double Delight: Seyi Vibez stuns with ‘Hat-Trick’ and ‘Amdallah’ – Unveiling the Nigerian artist’s mesmerizing new tracks, packed with pure musical magic.

Seyi Vibez is ready to mesmerize his fans with a delectable musical experience, fresh off the announcement of his first headline show at the impressive O2 Academy in Brixton, with a capacity of over 2000. The talented Nigerian artist has made an indelible mark on the music scene in 2023, as evidenced by the success of his critically acclaimed albums “Billion Dollar Baby 2.0″ and “Memory Card.” And he’s just released two new singles, “Hat-Trick” and “Amdallah,” to add to his growing discography.

Keeping the Winning Streak Going: “Hat-Trick” and “Amdallah”

Seyi Vibez’s most recent releases, “Hat-Trick” and “Amdallah,” solidify his status as an artist to watch. Each track highlights his distinct style and musical prowess, capturing the attention of listeners all over the world. The visually stunning music video for “Hat-Trick” is directed by the highly acclaimed TG Omori, who is known for his exceptional artistic vision and creative flair. TG Omori brings Seyi Vibez’s music to life with captivating visuals that perfectly complement the essence of the song.

Music’s Boundaries are Being Tested

Seyi Vibez continues to push the boundaries of conventional music trends with the release of these new singles. It is commendable that he is able to create engaging and captivating tracks while remaining true to his distinct style. These additions to his repertoire demonstrate his artistic development and unwavering commitment to delivering music that connects with his audience on a deeper level.

A Second Opportunity as a Lead Artist

“Hat-Trick” and “Amdallah” are Seyi Vibez’s second release as a lead artist this year, following the success of his critically acclaimed EP “Memory Card.” The EP featured standout tracks like “Para Boi” and “Alaska,” raising expectations for his future releases. Seyi Vibez not only meets but exceeds those expectations with his new singles, solidifying his position as a rising star in the Nigerian music industry.

Listen and Enjoy “Hat-Trick” and “Amdallah” below: