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Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty”: A Vibrant Musical Journey



Burna Boy its plenty

Burna Boy’s “It’s Plenty” Music Review: The song “It’s Plenty” by Burna Boy is a colorful and uplifting addition to his discography that displays his artistic prowess and dedication to expanding the boundaries of Afrobeats. The song’s catchy beat, provocative lyrics, and engaging production make it an instant smash that is sure to connect with both existing fans and new listeners. On this new track, Nigerian celebrity singer Burna Boy says he wants to spend the rest of his life making memories and having fun while ignoring the infinite troubles that surround humanity while still celebrating his accomplishments; hence the song’s title “It’s Plenty” implies a feeling of joy and groove.

The Afrofusion sensation returned to the music scene with the much-anticipated track “It’s Plenty.” Burna Boy has continually pushed boundaries and elevated his distinctive sound to the top of the international music scene. He is well known for his contagious melodies and compelling lyrics. With “It’s Plenty,” he furthers his reputation as one of Africa’s most renowned musicians. The track’s essence is examined in this article, along with its musicianship, thematic richness, and overall impact.

Lyrics with Substance and meaning

Beyond its contagious beat, “It’s Plenty” conveys a message of fortitude and self-confidence. The songs of Burna Boy are a potent representation of his African heritage and the difficulties he overcame to become successful. He discusses topics like perseverance, tenacity, and the strength of one’s own conviction in his own poetry manner. Particularly the chorus, with its resounding chant, reminds listeners to concentrate on their own development and not let outside things overtake them.

“Gbe mi trabaye” means “Take me out and let’s enjoy” because “Trabaye” is a slang for enjoyment. Now, When Burna Boy says “Gbe mi Trabaye make you no dey shalaye” he means “Take me out for enjoyment without giving me a reason” as “Shalaye” translates to “explanation”

Burna Boy

In verse one of the song, Burna Boy suggests that not having fun comes with its own disadvantages. If life for you is just working and paying attention to your career alone, then “Dem go bounce with your boo” which translates to “They will get away with your boo”. He says he trusts his crew though, because they are always faithful. He also says he might not know how to love people without messing it up, but he knows how to take care of them and spoil them silly. This is why he says “Don’t know how to show you my love without fucking up/but I can buy you a new AP straight from A Jewelers”

On the chorus, Burna Boy says he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life working so hard that he doesn’t have time to enjoy. He wants to be celebrated and not waste his days but spend them on enjoyment.

In Verse two, Burna Boy says he doesn’t mind doing a few drugs like Tramadol as he “Don’t want to feel nothing at all”. The inference is that being sober while parting or enjoying yourself can be hindered by a huge sense of responsibility that makes you almost feel bad for enjoying yourself- at least for him. He also says “If I do 99 good, it go remain one” which means “Even if I do ninety-nine good things, people will still expect the remaining one because no matter what I do, it will never be enough”. So why not just enjoy himself instead of trying to please people?

The Impact of “It’s Plenty”

“It’s Plenty” is not simply a reflection of Burna Boy’s artistic development but also of the Afrobeats genre’s global appeal. The song has the power to enthrall listeners throughout the world with its contagious enthusiasm and accessible message. Burna Boy has become a global legend thanks to his smooth blending of musical genres and cultural influences, and “It’s Plenty” marks yet another step in his quest to break down barriers and unite people through music.

The Video

As Burna Boy continues to evolve his sound and expand his reach, “It’s Plenty” stands as a testament to his musical vision and his ability to captivate audiences with his unique blend of African rhythms and global influences.

What did Burna Boy said?

‘I don’t want to disgrace you’, says Burna Boy. The Grammy-award-winning Nigerian singer issued a strong warning to American rapper and record label executive, Diddy, expressing his desire not to bring any disrespect upon him.

What song Burna Boy sampled?

The album African Giant by Burna Boy incorporates a diverse range of samples and interpolations, adding unique flavours to the music. Notable examples include the integration of Fela’s iconic track “Sorrow, Tears & Blood” and Angelique Kidjo’s captivating tune “We WE” in the song “Anybody.” Additionally, Naughty By Nature’s infectious hit “Jamboree” finds its place in the track “Collateral Damage,” while Magic System’s energetic “1er Gaou” is skillfully woven into “On The Low.” These are just a few instances among many others, with contributions from talented artists such as Stereoman, Ududo Nnobi, Blak Ryno, and D’banj, making the album a vibrant and eclectic musical experience.

What is Burna Boy’s biggest song?

Burna Boy has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most accomplished artists from Africa, amassing an impressive number of views on his music videos. The captivating visuals for “On the Low” have garnered a staggering 225 million views, while the infectious anthem “Ye” resonated with audiences, accumulating an impressive 159 million views. These remarkable figures stood as a testament to Burna Boy’s widespread appeal and his ability to captivate listeners across the globe with his musical prowess.

What happened at Burna Boy concert in Lagos?

During a live show in Lagos, Burna Boy found himself addressing his fans when an overzealous fan attempted to climb onto the stage. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Burna Boy delivered a swift kick to the fan’s face, causing him to fall off the stage. The incident was captured on video and has since circulated on various social media platforms, capturing the attention of many.

Did Drake sample Burna Boy song?

Yes, Drake did indeed sample Burna Boy’s vocals on the song “Get It Together,” which is part of Drake’s album “More Life” released in 2017. Burna Boy’s distinct vocals were incorporated into the track, adding a unique touch to the overall sound. This collaboration between Drake and Burna Boy further demonstrates the cross-pollination of musical talents and influences within the industry, showcasing the global reach and impact of both artists.