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Basketmouth’s “Uburu” Album: Shatta Wale makes solid contribution



Uburu Album

Nigerian comedic genius and prolific producer Bright Okpocha, better known as Basketmouth, is gearing up to launch his third studio album, “Uburu.” This marks a remarkable return to the music scene following the success of his 2020 album, “Yabasi,” and the 2022 release, “Horoscopes.”

The Exciting “Uburu” Project

Basketmouth’s “Uburu” album is an exciting two-part project, with the first chapter set to become available for streaming on October 20. This musical endeavour has generated significant buzz among fans and music enthusiasts.

Basketmouth’s “Uburu” Album

Shatta Wale’s Heartwarming Contribution

During the album’s listening party, held in Lagos on September 10, 2023, Basketmouth shared a heartwarming anecdote that shed light on the generous spirit of Ghanaian superstar Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale significantly contributed to the album by featuring on its opening track, titled “Goalkeeper.” What’s remarkable is that Shatta Wale offered his services without seeking any financial compensation. He emphasized the deep-rooted friendship between the two artists and his desire to give back to the music community.

The Significance of “Uburu”

Basketmouth, in his characteristic witty style, explained the concept behind the album’s intriguing title, “Uburu.” “Uburu” originates from the Igbo language and translates to “brain.” In a stroke of artistic brilliance, Basketmouth designed the album to mirror the divisions of the brain when viewed from the front. As a result, the album is split into two distinct parts, each containing seven unique songs. This artistic choice adds a captivating and unconventional twist to the album’s structure, promising listeners a truly immersive musical experience.

Anticipating the Second Chapter

As fans eagerly await the release of the first chapter of “Uburu” in October 2023, Basketmouth has already stoked anticipation for the second chapter, which is scheduled for release in February 2024. This forward-thinking approach ensures fans can look forward to an extended musical journey that combines humour, creativity, and Basketmouth’s distinctive style.

In conclusion, Basketmouth’s “Uburu” album is shaping into a remarkable musical journey, enriched by the generosity of Shatta Wale and Basketmouth’s creative ingenuity. With a release strategy that spans two chapters, this album is poised to make waves in the music industry and captivate fans with its unique concept and stellar contributions from both artists. Keep your calendars marked for October 20, 2023, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable musical adventure with Basketmouth and “Uburu.”