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Top 5 comic content creators redefining Nigerian comedy



top 5 Nigeria comic creator

In the world of entertainment, laughter has a universal language, and Nigeria has become a vibrant hub for comedy that resonates with audiences worldwide. The Nigerian comedy scene is a rich tapestry of humor, wit, and satire that has evolved over the years, thanks in large part to a new breed of comic content creators who are redefining the industry.

These comedy virtuosos have harnessed the power of social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram, to create a comedic revolution. They have garnered millions of views, earned legions of dedicated followers, and even received prestigious awards for their contribution to the world of laughter.

From the early days of stand-up comedy in smoky clubs to today’s digital age, where humor is just a click away, Nigerian comedians have come a long way. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the top 5 comic content creators who are not only making Nigerians laugh but are also spreading joy to viewers across the globe.

Mark Angel

Mark Angel is a household name in the world of comedy, renowned for his plethora of viral comedy skits that have taken the digital world by storm. Widely hailed as Nigeria’s premier online comedian, Mark Angel is a creative force who collaboratively crafts content with the talented Emmanuela and Success.

Born on the 17th of May, 1991, in Port Harcourt, Mark Angel embarked on his comedic journey in 2013, and his presence in the industry has been nothing short of remarkable ever since. He has carved out a prominent niche on YouTube, where his comedic genius shines brightly, amassing a legion of dedicated subscribers who eagerly consume his content. Mark Angel is undeniably making waves in the world of comedy content creation.

According to Dataleum, Having already solidified his position as a YouTube sensation, Mark Angel is now expanding his comedic empire to Instagram, and his entry has been nothing short of spectacular. Mark Angel made a dazzling debut on Instagram, claiming the top spot with over 3 million followers. His collection of over videos on the platform garnered over 43.7 million views, showcasing his continued success in the digital comedy arena.

Mr. Funny a.k.a Oga Sabinus

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, widely recognized as Sabinus, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian comedy content creation scene. Sabinus has unquestionably etched his name into the annals of Nigerian entertainment, consistently delivering rib-tickling humor to his viewers over the past few years.

In 2022, Sabinus found himself in the spotlight with a series of stellar performances both on home turf and on international stages. His crowning glory came when he outshone his peers to seize the prestigious AMVCA 8 Online Social Content Creators Award.

According to data from Dataleum, Sabinus amassed a staggering 47 million views during the third quarter of 2022, a testament to the meteoric rise of his content since the dawn of the year. His Instagram presence witnessed a flurry of activity as Mr. Funny unveiled no less than 49 distinctive skits, attracting a legion of over 500,000 new followers while accumulating over  7.8 million likes along the way.

Broda Shaggi

Samuel Animashaun Perry is a multi-talented individual, wearing the hats of an actor, musician, and comedian, but is most affectionately known by his stage moniker, Broda Shaggi. This bundle of talent was born on July 6th, 1993, in Lagos, Nigeria.

The origins of Broda Shaggi’s artistic journey trace back to his time at the University of Lagos, he embarked on his creative path by entertaining audiences at both formal gatherings and laid-back affairs. Nevertheless, his meteoric rise to fame came when his skit titled “Jesus Appeared in Mushin” became an internet sensation, sweeping through the digital landscape like wildfire.

In 2022, Broda Shaggi stood as an impressive figure. As per the statistics, he secures the enviable position of being the second-most followed and the second-highest earner within the skit-making industry.

Shaggi continued to wield his digital magic, amassing millions of views through the presentation of unique skits across his platforms. Furthermore, his online presence witnessed a surge with the new followers, while his content garnered millions of likes between last year gliding into the new one.


Samuel Oluwafemi Osubiojo is a distinguished Instagram Comedian who has left an indelible mark on the comedy scene of Nigeria. He was born in 1992 in Ekiti State.

In his comedic endeavors, Samuel frequently dons the character, “Mama Ojo,” a character that has become synonymous with his humor and charm.

His influence transcends Instagram, as he boasts one of Nigeria’s most sought-after YouTube channels. Remarkably, Samuel Oluwafemi Osubiojo surpasses the popularity of many renowned musicians on YouTube, boasting impressive views and over 3 million subscribers.

In the year 2023, this 27-year-old comedic sensation stands among the ranks of the wealthiest Instagram comedians in Nigeria. On his Instagram platform, where he shares the majority of his comedic gems, he has amassed a following of 371K dedicated followers.


Isaac Olayiwola, who goes by the pseudonym Layiwasabi, stands out as one of the swiftly emerging creators of comedic skits. His popularity has surged thanks to his unique blend of uproarious narratives and versatile character portrayals.

Layiwasabi’s fanbase, comprising over 1 million enthusiastic followers, couldn’t quench their thirst for his entertaining skit videos. These videos collectively racked up millions of views, accompanied by an over 2.1 million likes. The comment sections on his posts also buzzed with activity, tallying over 121K comments across all his skits in the first quarter of the year according to Dataleum.