Nollywood movie review: Most popular movie in 2021, which is your favorite?

movie review: Most popular movie in 2021

Considering that many Nigerian filmmakers couldn’t produce a lot of movies in 2020, people had high hopes of what is to come in 2021. For the Nollywood filmmakers, they seemed ready for us as blockbuster movies were being released back to back. Well, while some of these movies were worth the hype, many weren’t.

Here are some of the most popular Nollywood movies of 2021

  1. THE RETURN OF KING OF BOYS: The return of the King is a sequel of King of Boys and the film revolves around Eniola Salami, a Nigerian powerful woman who is a politician and the King of a cartel. Despite how powerful Eniola was, her daughter was killed, her son committed suicide and she herself was arrested. For some reasons, some of the officers took her out of prison and instructed her to go far away. KOB too focused on the return of Eniola. Did she get her power and cartel back?

This is one movie a lot of people were waiting to see and truthfully, they didn’t disappoint the enthusiastic viewers. King of Boys 2 was definitely worth the hype.

  • NAMASTE WAHALA: Namaste Wahala is a love drama that focuses on the family issues that come up when people from two different cultures come together to marry. In this case, it was an Indian man to wanted to marry a Nigerian and the two parents didn’t agree to their union. Did the wedding hold? Did love win?

As for Namaste Wahala, there were too many flaws and Nigerians deserved a better produced movie. It wasn’t worth the hype.

  •  CITATION: One of the brightest students in the school is forced up take up one of the most respected lecturers for raping her. Considering the lecturer was highly respected, it was almost impossible for the school authority to believe he actually did it. Did the student win the case? Did she get justice?

Citation was worth the hype and seeing it was Temi Otedola’s first attempt at film, she did a great job.

  •  FINE WINE: Fine wine is a love story one of the richest men in Africa and a young corp member who was in a toxic relationship with one of her bosses in the office. Somehow, she and the rich man who is way older than her fall in love and she is stuck between picking her boyfriend whom she loves so much, and picking an older man who has shown her pure love.

Fine Wine should be considered one of the best Nollywood movies in 2021 and truly, it should get more hype than it actually did.

  •  BREADED LIFE: Breaded life is the story of a rich spoilt kid who found himself in a new life while in coma. To his surprise, nobody recognized him except a bread seller and he had to be under her mercy. He was forced to do hard jobs and eventually, he and the bread seller fell in love until somehow, he came out of coma and realized he lived in a dream.

Breaded Life is not a bad movie and to a large extent, was a good watch.

  •  CHARGE AND BAIL: A young lawyer who is the daughter of a renowned lawyer is posted to another law firm for her NYSC against the wish of her father. Initially she wants to leave but along the line, she falls in love with the job. As expected, she and her father had a big fight and she was stuck between pleasing her father and doing what makes her happy.

Charge and Bail was worth the hype and even better.

  • GONE: The movie Gone centers on a man who travelled out of the country for a long period of time while he left his wife and children to suffer in Nigeria. His children do not even recognize him and somehow, he tries to make friends with his son, while still hiding his identity. Unfortunately for him, his son eventually finds out and everything scatters.

Gone is also one of the best movie on 2021 and both the production team and actors deserve accolades for s job well done.

  • AYINLA: Ayinla was one of the most anticipated movie of 2021, majorly because it was produced by one of the most respected producers in Nollywood Tunde Kelani. The film is a historical one focusing on the life of Ayinla, the popular historical musician and how he was killed.

It was a good watch and definitely worth the hype.

  • BAD BOYS AND BRIDESMAID: Bad Boys and Bridesmaids is a love story about a lady and her clique who had a pact to keep their virginity till marriage. For one of them who is about to get married, she refuses to have sex with her husband and frustrated, the husband told his friends about the virginity pact and they all place a bet to have sex with each of the ladies as they do not believe they are actually married.

Bad boys and bridesmaid is just a fair movie and the producers could have done a lot of better.

  1.  AMINA: Amina is another historical movie that speaks around the life of historical Queen Amina of Zaria.

It was a quite good watch too.

Well, there are lots of expectations for 2022 and hopefully, our filmmakers won’t fall short of these expectations.

2022! We are ready

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