Netflix Movie Review: Why you shouldn’t watch Fix Us

Are you shuffling for a movie to watch on Netflix, well, skip Fix Us. Yes! Please skip it and check out another movie.

Fix Us tells the story of three young ladies who take on a journey of faith and fate.

When Naadie (Yvonne Nelson), Chioma (Yvonne Okoro) and Jaya (Alexandra Amon) run into each other at an audition, they are bound by their common dream to be movie stars and form a friendship that can hardly be broken.

But when their dreams are eventually actualized, they soon realize that they want even something more from life. Something more that money cannot buy.

Something more that fame cannot give. Something more that they must find for themselves.

Fix Us, produced by Yvonne Nelson and directed by Pascal Amanfo has other cast like Prince David Osei, Michelle Attoh, Jessica Williams, Belinda Dzattah, Mona Montrage (Hajia4Real), musician Irene Logan; Nigeria’s Mofe Duncan and Tobi Bakre as well as Ivorian actress Alexandra Amon.

The movie is just a way of wasting your 1 hour and 45 minutes and would end up leaving you angry.

It boosts of bad acting, shabby story-telling, poor continuity, over dwelling on one scene and lots more annoying issues.

Fix Us is rated 13 but has several raunchy scenes that should have been for adults eyes only.

Conclusion: Watch Fix Us at your own detriment! Rated 2/10.

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