Netflix Movie Review: Black Rose is specifically for Teenage girls, mothers

We are back again with Netflix movie review. This week, we would be reviewing “Black Rose”.

The movie tells a story of a family struggling everyday to put food on their table.

After losing her husband, Ebere Okaro becomes the singular breadwinner of the family. The widowed matriarch is surrounded by her four children who are also sick and tired of the situation .

Her two younger sons are constantly evading being sent away from school for not paying their school fees. Her first child, Ugo, has taken to the streets in an attempt to ‘use what she has to get what she wants’. And her second daughter, Rose, seems to be her major source of strength. This all continues on until one day a young man, Blossom Chukwujekwu walks into their lives and seems to be the answers to the prayers they’ve all been praying. Turns out to be he is the real devil in disguise.

The movie by Okechukwu Oku boosts of Blossom Chukwujekwu, Ebele Okaro, Lilian Echelon and Betty Bellor.

This movie is for every teenage girl out there, as well as single mothers. There are a lot of lessons to learn; the good, bad and ugly.

Aside the prolonging of some unnecessary scenes, especially the sisters continuous cries, Black Rose would leave you with deep thoughts about life.

KFN tells you authoritatively that Black Rose’ is one of the best things you would see on Netflix.

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