Movie Review: Why Tiger’s Tail wasn’t as promising as expected


We all know what happens when we step on the “Tiger’s Tail”. Well, that’s what I was expecting to see when I went to see the Nollywood movie; “Tiger’s Tail” at the cinema. 

Tiger’s Tail is the story of two cult heads, Tiger and Snake and a young lady, Amara, who just got back from the country and was going to start a school foundation in Tiger and Snake’s domain. However, despite all efforts to advise her against setting up her foundation in the community, she ignored it. Amara had been inspired to start her foundation in the community after Dotun (who happens to be Tiger’s nephew) was involved in an accident after he tried stealing. Fortunately, Amara was plying that route and was able to get him to the hospital. 

Tiger had been protecting Dotun and not wanting Dotun to join the bad wagons, but Dotun’s mum, instead of taking care of Dotun, was spending it for herself alone. So out of frustration, Dotun decided to join Snake’s team, which made Tiger angry. 

Snake also planned on killing Amara, which Tiger was also avoiding at all cost and eventually, it became a war between Tiger and Snake. At the end, who won the battle? Guess you’d have to find out about that yourself. 

As smooth as the storyline could have been, something is missing in the story’s telling that didn’t make the plot as strong as it should be. Certain dots weren’t even connecting. For example, if Tiger was so protective of his nephew, and he knew Snake was in the same domain, why didn’t he take him out of there? Also, what was Tiger doing in the village with Amara the night Tiger was shot? Should he have done that if he was truly trying to protect Amara from getting killed by Snake? Then, is Amara that foolish that she doesn’t know when to step back? These things weren’t realistic. 

Regardless of that, the plot wasn’t a bad one, and it seemed like a lot of things were happening simultaneously; they tried not to get us confused in the middle of it. Also, the twist at the end was really cool. 

The director didn’t do a bad job directing the movie as a whole, but I would love to ask him what he was thinking about when he gave Tacha that role. Of course, several other actors would have executed that role perfectly, but for some interesting reasons, he chose Big Brother Tacha. Well, discussion for another time, I suppose. 

The majority of the actors did really well. Even the young chaps were very encouraging in their acting, making the storyline flow well. Actors like Zubby Michael and Kelechi Udegbe killed their roles. Kelechi particularly had the looks, the facial expression and the right reactions. Etinosa, Stephen Damian and Nosa Rex didn’t do badly as supporting actors. The young boy who played Dotun has a lot of potential, and filmmakers should be on the watch out for him. Same as the lady who played Amara. For Alex Ekubo and Tacha, I reserve my comment. 

The cinematography and costume were good, and that’s also a plus. 

For ratings, Tiger’s Tail would get a 5/10 

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