Movie Review: Why the ‘Order Of Things’ wasn’t perfect as it should have been

Movie Review The Order Of Things

From seeing the trailer of a movie, you have an idea of how good or bad the film would be. Some have been able to meet the standard of their thriller, while others haven’t. For The Order Of Things, let’s see if the movie did justice to the thriller. 

The Order Of Things is the story of a family of three; the mother (Ayo Mogaji), Demi (Obi Maduegbuna) and Tunde (Timini Egbuson). Tunde had just proposed to his girlfriend and went happily to tell his mum about his proposal, only to get the shock from his mother that he could not get married until his elder brother did because that is how it is done in the order of things. 

Knowing that his mother wouldn’t change her mind, the quest to find a wife for Demi began. The high moments in the movie came from trying to find a wife for Demi, so Tunde could eventually get married. But, did Demi find, or did everything go wrong? You will have to find out yourself. 

The storyline of In The Order Of Things is just there, and although it isn’t a terrible story, a little bit of spice could have been added to it. The story didn’t have high and low moments, and it clearly wasn’t looking to be anything extraordinary. I want the writer to please explain what that introductory scene was? Regardless, although the story could have had a better structure, It wasn’t bad. 

Considering it is a directorial debut, Dr SID didn’t do badly, but he needs to answer some questions. First, what exactly was that scene with Seyi and Maria of Big Brother? The scene was so unreal and unnecessary. Also, when he knew he couldn’t pull off a zoom call successfully, why do it at all? Or why will there be a zoom call that no one responded to? And then, what was that last scene? A phone call where the mother was on speaker, and yet we couldn’t hear anything? Why wasn’t that scene scrapped if the problem was with the sound? Lastly, what exactly were the roles of Dorathy, Lizzy Jay etc.? Anyway, it wasn’t a bad one away from these and a few more annoying scenes. 

The acting was fair and just a little above average. Timini is getting better and Ayo Mogaji remains an icon. Lateef Adedimeji would make you fall in love with a movie by watching him act. He owned his role, and his subtle comedy was something else that held the movie to the end. Obi carried his role well, and I began to think that’s how he actually is in real life. Although no extra effort was put into acting extraordinarily, the energy matched, and it wasn’t bad. 

In all, The Order of Things isn’t a bad watch, and it will be getting 6/10

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