Movie Review: Why Superstar wasn’t as Super as it should

Movie Review Superstar

There are two types of Nollywood movies showing at the cinema; The ones worth the hype and the ones that are a total waste of time. So let’s find out where Nollywood movie “Superstar” falls into.
Superstar is the story of a struggling, talented actress named Queen who has done everything humanly possible to get into stardom.

Considering her parents wanted her to do law, she was ready to do anything to become a superstar. However, the one time she managed to have an opportunity and even did it right, the producer ruined it for her because she wouldn’t agree to sleep with him. She got back to the house only to meet her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend.

Heartbroken, she applies for a competition called “Superstar” and meets the same producer who wanted to sleep with her, but fortunately, she wins the competition.

However, in no time, Queen became a superstar and her ex-boyfriend and ex-friend decided to leak a video of her, which presumed her being a lesbian. They further threatened to release another video of her when she accidentally committed suicide if she didn’t sign them as her manager and have her ex-boyfriend as a “feature” boyfriend to die down the rumour of her being a lesbian.

Everything goes sour with her boyfriend, and she sends him out of the house. Angrily, he releases the video of her mistakenly killing someone and she is arrested by the police. Does this end the career or Queen? Or was she able to rise above her troubles?

Movie Review Superstar

Superstar started on a pretty good note with the scene of Queen trying to commit suicide, and so, it gives the curiosity of; why would this character want to kill herself? One of the best ways to get any viewer interested in the movie is to get the beginning of the story right, and yeah, that’s a plus for Superstar.

The storyline was just fair, and although the message was well passed across, the scripting wasn’t professional enough. It is a case of a good story with an amateur writer. More like, the story was everywhere, and the writer was trying to preach too many things simultaneously.

Due to timing, some parts of the stories were picked but weren’t well explored. The story seemed rushed, and it eventually took away the intelligent feel of the film. Regardless, Superstar depicts the life of an average Nigerian celebrity, and it was good enough.

The production isn’t good at all. The colours were dull, and the cinematographer did a terrible job with the production of Superstar. Considering the colour production of the film, Superstar shouldn’t even be in the cinema at all.

Movie Review  Superstar

The director did a good job, too, especially with the movie’s casting. However, there are a few flaws like the competition. It was way too fast, and it was apparent the writer and or director was trying to rush the scene or the film as a whole.

Also, how can someone who said he was told a year ago that he would die after three months suddenly say he had one more month to live? How now? It didn’t even flow. Also, the makeup at the scene Queen was going to commit suicide was unreal. Haba, they could have done better.

Anyway, the Twitter underlay in the film made it look quite real, which is a plus for the movie.
The acting isn’t bad at all, and it wasn’t just star-studded; it was talent studded. However, it seemed like Nancy Isime and Timini Egbuson were forcing the synergy between them.

Well, Timini embodied his role well, kudos to him. Nancy Isime and Deyemi Okanlawon also did great in bringing life to the movie.

The choice of songs is also something commendable, and for the production, it was a good one. It could have been better considering the talents in the film. For rating, the film would get 6/10

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