Movie Review: The Two Aishas is absolutely Not Recommended!

Movie Review The Two Aishas

The Two Aishas, a film, which is the brainchild of Arabel Productions, was released a few days ago to celebrate the end of Ramadan, and as usual, we were privileged to see the movie just to give you guys a heads up before you head to the Cinema.

The movie tells the story of two Muslim women who are married to two best friends. But along the line, their friendship was threatened amidst suspicion of betrayal, which tried to tear apart an enduring friendship from childhood and test their faith as devout Muslims. 

However, they were able to navigate through this and made an effort to reunite and forgive each other as Islam enjoins.

The Two Aishas, aside from featuring two prominent Kannywood actresses, Rahama Sadau and Maryam Booth, who played the roles of the Two Aishas, also parades a versatile cast that includes Paul Utomi, Akeem Ogara, Shushu Abubakar with special appearances by Nyma Akashat-Zibiri and Sulaiman Aledeh, among others.

The 91 minutes movie was short of expectations, it was just a simple way to waste money and time at the cinema. 

The Two Aishas, which is meant to be a clash of two women, was short of that. What we saw was just mere phone calls, fights, no energy, and regular banter.

How can two women at loggerheads meet the next day after a supposed phone confrontation and threats, and what we got was ‘Hi Aisha’…, and that’s it? No drama, no thrills, no action, you know that feeling of suspense, adrenaline-pumping moments you crave while seeing a movie with such a prospect, none was felt or seen with The Two Aishas. The movie was just as flat as a boring TV commercial.

We understand the movie was made to promote Islam, and we likewise love and respect all religions, but people (not just Muslims) are made to pay a premium to see it in the cinemas, so they should be quality that would justify the money paid.

After all, there are other Islam-based movies that would pass the message and still entertain viewers.

We love the fact that The Two Aishas preached love, peace, unity and friendship, but we can as well learn all these from other sources without spending that much and being subjected to watching the screen for over 90 minutes.

We rate the movie 3/10.

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