Movie Review: The Razz Guy – Lasisi Elenu, MC Lively failed to make us laugh

The Razz Guy directed by Udoka Oyeka has some great social media comedians that we all love.

In fact Nosa Afolabi AKA Lasisi Elenu is the lead character.

The movie also has the likes of Broda Shaggi, Nancy Isime, Jemima Osunde, Robert Young, Tina Mba, Ireti Doyle, Lolo of Wazobia, Ibrahim Suleiman and more. 

Razz Guy follows the story of an arrogant lawyer Temi (Lasisi Elenu) who loses his ability to speak proper English after a spell is cast on him by a cleaner (Frank Donga). 

This turns his perfect world upside down as he is forced to realize his mistakes and find ways to correct them. 

In the course of solution to his problems, he encounters all manner of people; the good, bad and ugly.

Let’s give it to the writer, The Razz Guy has a relatable story, one laced with different life lessons.
The movie made extra effort to make one realise that karma is indeed waiting for evil doers at the end of the day.

Being tagged a comedy movie, we were expecting rib-cracking moments but sadly just few side smiles and nothing spectacular.
Broda Shaggi played the same role we all know him for on the streets of Instagram, Lasisi Elenu was no different, except for the time he played the obnoxious lawyer with an obsession for perfect grammar. 

The scene where the Pastor (Mc Lively) was beating Temi (Lasisi Elenu) was also uncalled for. Well, perhaps it was to while away time. 
Likewise that of Ireti Doyle who was more like an extra in the movie.Oh, we forgot to mention Nancy Isime and her ‘voice’. 

Isime who played Temi’s girlfriend was sounding like a ‘fake girlfriend’ all along. To what effect though?

The Razz Guy is a movie that doesn’t really tally with its title. Temi who lost his ability to speak proper English was not a Razz guy. He still maintained his cool despite losing the most important part of him.

The Razz Guy is not as funny as we had expected, we rate it 4/10.

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